Sunday, June 15, 2008

Please think about it

This is a reply to an email sent to me about boycotting fuel price.

If you look at it on the rakyat's perspective, it does look like the people who control this price is cruel.
I mean, RM 2.70 does smack you on the face real bad.
But, prior to 5th June, the govt already spend around 50 or 60 billion ringgit, just for fuel subsidy.
And, the amount keeps on growing, because for the world market, fuel price keeps on increasing.

Someone does promise if they come in power, they'll reduce the fuel price.
They say during their time, the price is only RM 1.10 or so. Yes, I believe it is true.
But at that time, the world price is $ 25 per barrel or so.
Now, its $ 140 per barrel. See?
Is it fair for the govt to retain the price at RM 1.10. If you're the prime minister,
would you retain the price at RM 1.10?

How can we Malaysia, a relatively small country keeps a very low price
when the whole world is having a price crisis.
I know, we have the power as the buyer, but sometimes we need to lower down our ego.
We need them as much as they need us. Think about it.

Its not like the govt retract back the whole subsidy money and leave us to pay full price..
Just that they need to keep the subsidy at this level rite now, which is around RM 60 billion
because if we keep on paying RM 1.92 for fuel, the subsidy will have to increase,
and govt spending will increase. Do you want the govt to go bankrupt?
If your answer is yes, then you're not thinking rationally.
Govt bankrupt, no subsidy, more expensive fuel. Simple math.

I'm not an avid supporter of the govt. Some of their actions are not that great,
but on this matter, i think that what you're suggesting is a bit harsh.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not going to stop you from boycotting or anything. I don't have the power.
But please, think about what you're doing. Think long term, and think from every perspective.
What would you do if you're the prime minister?