Sunday, May 31, 2009

Never Turn Back

Hello there.

LAST Tuesday, Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin met seven Chinese educationist groups who want the teaching of Mathematics and Science in Chinese primary schools to be reverted to the Chinese language.

The Chinese educationists have been rather unhappy since the English for Teaching Mathematics and Science (ETeMS) policy was first announced by the former prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, on May 10, 2002.

To them, there is no valid reason for the implementation of ETeMS to be extended to Chinese primary schools when the first switch from teaching Maths and Science in English to Bahasa Malaysia in the late 1970s involved only the national schools.

The Chinese educationists have many reasons for opposing ETeMS, but to my mind, their main concern is actually this.

If the two subjects are taught in English, that spells the beginning of the end of Chinese primary schools in this country. 
Apart from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, Malaysia is the only other country which has the Chinese language as the medium of instruction in Chinese primary schools.

They suspect that if the ETeMS policy is implemented, there would come a day when non-Chinese-educated teachers will be roped in to teach Maths and Science in English in Chinese primary schools, thereby changing the character of the schools.

To them, this is an insidious attempt to do away with vernacular Chinese schools in this country. 

To a certain extent, such a fear is not unfounded. Before independence, the British administrators in the 1951 Barnes Report had wanted to abolish the vernacular schools. 

Then the 1960 Abdul Rahman Talib Report also brought about the new Education Act 1961, which contained the infamous Section 21(2) (now repealed) empowering the minister to convert any national-type vernacular primary school to a national primary school.

To the Chinese, education is the issue most dear to their hearts. 

It often evokes strong emotion and passion in the Chinese community, and it is said that any political party which attends to the educational needs of the community will win their hearts and minds. 

Likewise, any Chinese- based political party which advocates the closure of these schools will only be committing political suicide.

Today, more than 90 per cent of Chinese pupils study in Chinese primary schools, and close to 90 per cent of them also move on to national secondary schools after their primary education. 

But what the educationists and Chinese-based political parties have failed to address since independence is the high drop-out rate among Chinese youths who are unable to cope with the switch to English or Bahasa Malaysia at the national secondary schools.

Hundreds of thousands of them also cease having further education after Form 5 due to their poor academic performance. 

As a result, many of them end up with blue-collar jobs.

While it is novel that Chinese children in this country get to learn about their heritage and culture at primary school, it is really a sad thing if later thousands of them are unable to cope with their studies at the national secondary schools.

They must realise that having a good command of the Chinese language is not sufficient in this globalised world. This is evident in China these days where millions of youths are trying all sorts of ways to learn and become proficient in the English language.

In my opinion, learning Maths and Science in English in primary schools will help those pupils who later switch to national secondary schools.

It also increases their proficiency in English because, for example, if the students end up in the Science stream, they will be studying most of the subjects in English as all the Maths and Science subjects -- General Maths, Additional Maths, General Science, Chemistry, Physics and Biology are taught in English.

This is an excerpt of an article written by Roger Tan, a senior lawyer. I think everyone should read this, especially the Malays. What Mr. Tan said is true. Why revert? 

Make My Day

Ha3 this pic is the best! To all smokers, I know you guys are hard to put some sense into, but at least enjoy this poster. If I can give stars for it, its 1098 out of 5.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

What An Animal

How inhumane can someone be? I don't understand how someone can be so heartless when even an animal can cry over a dead offspring. Since you're a baby, both mother and father had a great hope, that someday, the child would be a somebody. But what actually went wrong? Genetic might be the answer. The other would be the surrounding factors. Whatever it is, we are humans, so we should act like one.

I have a story to tell. There's this lady, lets just call her S. See, like many Malaysians, she struggles to keep her life going. She had two daughters. Like I said, life is not a bed of roses for her. So she had to do something to survive. A husband she has. But we have to understand that everyone has their own problems. So she decided to open up a stall in the city.

Everything was fine at first, but then something went wrong. The authorities came and asked her whether she has a license or not. Telling them the truth, she had to face the fact that she has to close the stall. But, like any other situation, she has a way out. Pay the man in charge, and she's off the hook. See, one tick.

Then, the authorities will come again, and again, and again. The man will come everyday to disturb this lady. Everyday, a sum of money would be paid, in return the man would let her away. Then, that sum of money is not enough. He wants more. But she doesn't have enough. So the guy sent her away. Not only that, the food was thrown away, in front of her very own eyes. All the things that she did goes down the drain, literally. Tick number two.

Turn out, there was this other lady, who open up another stall who was reporting about S to the authorities. She doesn't want any competition, so she kill her competitor. One of the way is to use the authority. Not only that, this lady would tell her customer that S's food is contaminated, and spoilt. Hm, tick, tick, tick and tick.

This is a true story. Okay maybe I add up here and there but 99.9% of it is true. How can you sleep at night knowing that you're making other people's life miserable? This is what's happening throughout the whole country. Even if you have to do your job, why do it in the most despicable way? God is watching. Be honest. One day, you'll get what you deserve. Help others to help yourself.  

Hidup Sebelum Mati

Hello. I started my day with something that's not quite jolly. On my way to JB I heard that my dad's friend or my friend's dad passed away. I hesitated at first to go and pay the family a visit, but in the end I did. I knew this friend of mine since standard two. Considering that she's an old friend of mine, I think I should visit her. Trust me, I have my reasons. 

Okay. Moving on to the topic that I really want to talk about. As a muslim, we all know that solat is the main pillar of Islam. It's the medium for us to communicate with God, and to show our devotion, our loyalty to Allah. The reward for performing solat is so great that the benefit does not only come after our soul departs from our body, but it's right here, when we're still alive.

Firstly, it actually is a form of exercise when you look at it. I mean, yeah, first we have the takbiratul ihram, which is the raising of both our hands at the beginning of the solat. Then we do the ruku', sujud, and this is performed several times, with each round is called as one rakaat. It's not tiring, but trust me, you'll burn a few calories for doing this. Better than nothing right?

Now, the act of sujud itself has it's own benefit. See, blood flows through the whole body. Where the parts which blood flows much more, that place is considered active, healthy and will function better. During sujud, blood flows much more to the brain. A brain which has a much better blood flow not only can function well, but even better than those with less. With this, it will allow humans to make decisions and receive information better.

Besides that, body postures in solat can also cure a few medical situations. As an example, backpains. If you go and see the doctor, you'll find that the exercise that the doctors advice you to do resembles the ones you do in solat. A study has shown that a solat therapy, which highlights the act of 90 degrees ruku' , would ease backpain. This clearly shows that solat also has benefits in regards to medical problems.

Like I said, it is rewarding to perform solat. It's one way to communicate with Allah. We have to admit, we can't do anything alone. We need God. In order to do that, we must ask. Ask, and do what He actually requires us to do. It's a give and take situation with our Maker. We must believe that we're promised Heaven when we do it. When happy, in time of desperation, or even in pain,  He's there. Reach out to Him. 

Friday, May 29, 2009

For anyone who hasn't watch this movie yet, I'd advice you not to. But if you guys wanted to see why, waste RM 11 and kill one hour and 45 minutes, go and storm your nearest cinema. It's boring, and dragging. I waited for some war scene but it's obvious, this is a movie for sissies. The Governer did came out, but it seems so CG-ish. I should've watched Night At The Museum 2, at least I'll laugh.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Glory Man United?

My condolence to the fans of Man United. But it's predictable.

They're lousy this season. 

When I Fall In Love

Good day. I may have read this post out of emotion but that is just one part of me when I'm writing. When I write, I study my subject first, so that at least I'm 100% sure that it is true. To hell for those who thinks it that the content is incorrect, because I know I'm not stupid. Educating is my passion, so educate I will.

Moving on to the real topic of the day. What is it with people and love? Some people are happy, some people went crazy, some people are sad, the others are just playing along. What is love actually? I am talking about the love you give to other people okay? Don't be subjective with me today. This is the love Cupid's hired for.

First, do we even know where love comes from? The world population agrees that it is generated from the heart. Ya, last time I checked, the heart pumps blood throughout the body. Ventricals, aorta, atriums and vena cava. Though I 'left' the heart topic (biologically) I still remember those stuff. It doesn't secretes these things people call 'butterfly' to the stomach.  

Yeah, so where does it comes from? Well, as quoted by Lara Kallich;

First of all, it seems to be widely agreed amongst biologists who study the subject that love is an essential part of human functioning. Dr. Arthur Janov, author of The Biology of Love, brings up a developmental fact essential to understanding this point: "The right hemisphere, which is larger than the left, is the site of feelings and emotions and of holistic, global thinking. Thoughts, planning, and concepts are the domain of the left hemisphere. The right brain is largely mature at the second year of life; the left brain is only beginning its maturation at that time. Feelings pre-date thoughts. In terms of evolution we are feeling beings long before we are thinking ones." Furthermore, it has been shown that neglect, or lack of love, has a serious impact on human ability to survive and develop properly. Dr. Janov notes that infants who are neglected have brains that are significantly different from normal brains: the number of stress-hormone receptors, for example, are much lower in the brain of a neglected infant, which entails a higher level of stress - and therefore unhappiness - in that person. 

Biology, as of this point in time, has successfully determined what processes exactly occur in the brain when one loves another person. However, there are studies that have been done that show some interesting correlations. Dr. Helen Fisher posits a dramatic increase in the amount of dopamine and norepinephrine present in the brain when one first becomes infatuated with another person, which would account for the feelings of euphoria, giddiness and so on that one would experience at that point. Another study showed that, in the brains of people who had recently fallen in love, serotonin levels were significantly higher than those in the brains of the control group. Yet another study demonstrated the possibility of a correlation between the ability of adults to bond emotionally with one another and the presence of the hormone oxytocin, which is normally associated with human reproductive processes such as lactation and, interestingly, male and female orgasm.

Therefore, I would say that it's all in our head. The brain controls everything, including our feelings. I'm not saying this in a negative way, just that to answer one of my friends question, which is where does love comes from. Under normal circumstances I would answer it in a lovey dovey manner, but this time, it's time to face the truth.

Furthermore, what people see in love is quite limited, especially those who are still in their school bench. With love comes responsibility, trust, and commitment. That is why student's are not encourage to venture love deeply, as it's a burden for them, seeing that they have another big topic to cover, which is EDUCATION. Maybe parents think that their chilren cannot handle both, therefore its better for them to pick the better option.

However, it's not wrong to go into it. It's just you have to be careful, and do not meddle with it. It's like your playing with fire. Don't make it burst into flames if you don't plan to get a 2nd degree burn. Control. Life is way ahead of you. There are loads of people to meet. How come you're sure you've found the right one when you only knew the person for a few month? 

I'm telling this to myself first, then it's for the others. Some people might say that this is the result of some sad guy who rants about not being loved. Ha3 I always think of it this way. I know I am happy today, tomorrow, and for many years ahead. Love is a gift which I have yet to receive. For now, I'll just enjoy myself, with my friends. Cheers!

Monday, May 25, 2009

There's Always Two Sides On A Coin

Religion. The oldest issue a man can debate about, next to science. Perception about it has never changed. It is seen as something that is restrictive, something that pulls back the thought of living. That is where some people are wrong. Well, that's where most people are wrong. Because the thought of having a religion comes along with the mindset of having to give your soul to God.

Technically, your soul does belong to God. So does everything else in the world. But do not see it from a negative perspective. I mean, yeah, don't. Whenever we talk about religion, the air seems to be cold and serious. I mean, come on.. There's a reason God made us funny. We can laugh actually. But there is a limit to everything right? Including our ability to stretch our mind.

Cassius Clay, when his name was changed to Muhammad Ali, was the follower of Nation of Islam which was found by Elijah Muhammad. Nation of Islam is actually a belief which adopt the name 'Islam' and use some of it's teaching as a guide. The followers does not fast in the month of Ramadhan and does not perform solat, two out of the five main pillars of Islam. Until recently, the followers, including Muhammad Ali follow what they call 'the teaching of orthodox Islam'. 

See, when something is of the original, when something promotes a lifestyle which includes God in it, it is called orthodox. This problem occurs a lot in Islam. The followers look at it only in a single dimension. They are rigid. When talk about it, you cannot even crack a single joke. Smiling is seen as thinking of the matter lightly. Everyone must be morose when in a religious class. Why does this happen?

Nobody ever wanted to see a guy in a suit performing the solat. When a lady is in a bright outfit, she's said to be showing off, being off the track of Islam. This is so saddening. How can someone be so narrow minded. It has to be set that Islam is hand in hand with progression. It is a religion that moves along with globalisation. It does not change according to the surrounding, but the teaching adapts and is there for all eternity. 

We must change our mindset so that religion is not seen as something that is traditional. Maybe some of it is but most of it are not. It shares with you a gift, a gift of faith. To believe that life has a purpose, a meaning. Your kindness today will be rewarded by Him in the hereafter. You just need to believe, that God is the one who move the world, thus allowing globalisation.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

God, Please!

One day, God just installed His new gadget. Anywhere He go, He'll get prayers from His creations. It's so advanced He can monitor it from where and who the prayers are from. So He switched on the device. Boom. Millions of prayers came pouring in from all over the world. He's so happy to see that many are contacting him. He reads the first one.

From : Malina

Location : Spain

Content : God, I hate this Richard guy. Please, I pray to you, get rid of him for me.
Hm, okay, He thought. Then He went on to read the second prayer.

From : Chuan Xing

Location : Beijing

Content : I seriously think you should take Richard's life. He's a damn (forgive my language) ass!

Right... He continues reading the next prayer.

From : Barrack Obama

Location : White House, United States of America

Content : God, I am praying for a few billion souls here in America. Please consider taking Richard to hell. I believe he is doing more harm than good to the citizens of Earth.

When God read this, He checked a few million others and the contents are almost the same. So He considered granting their prayers and send Richard to Hell. Soon enough, He received billions and billions of prayers, praising and expressing gratitude towards Him. He's so pleased.

Two weeks later, he received another prayer. There's something special about it. A first-timer.

From : Lucifer

Location : Hell

Content : God, I know this is the first time but I'm begging you. Please get Richard out of here!

Things I Do To Win

Greetings. It has come to my attention that the world's number one reality TV singing show, American Idol has another winner. Kris Allen. Right? I don't actually follow the show but yeah, his news are massive. Why do I care enough to write about it? Well, firstly it's because I heard that he sucks. Good voice, yeah, but heard better. Good looking, uhuh, but seen handsome-er. What's wrong with you people? It's just a TV show! Why is the whole world treating it with such attention that even global warming is just another sideline story.

You voted, you complain. You watch, you didn't vote, and you complain. You don't watch, you don't complain, the world is a better place to live. These are the thing that Simon Fuller wants. Unnecessary attention from all over the world. It's just gimmick done by those who scraps billions from the votes Americans casted. Boom. Allen won. Boom again. The world press disagrees. Sometimes it's funny to see people being so gullible.

Okay, that's the problem with voting. It's only a matter of popularity. If the guy is hot enough, then he's the winner. There's no need for controversies because, what's the point? Take the Asian Idol for example. Even Dalai Lama knew that Hady Mirza is just another hot guy on the block. I can spot any talent better than him in 0.00012 second. And yet people voted for him. The reason is obvious. The world population is just not mature enough to vote according to talent. 

Another problem with it is that it gives space for bribery. I believe that many are still choosing not because of their confidence in the winner. The candidate (I'm talking about TV shows and others, so don't judge me), when they're desperate to get the thing they're contesting for, will give away 'services'. I'm not accusing, it's a matter of possibility. It's the same as when you're with your probable in-laws. To get the 'vote' from the family, this guy would do anything. Suddenly he has wings with some round thingy over the head, lights everywhere and complete five times a day prayers.

There's no such thing as a perfect system in this world. But we can try to improve. Maybe the system is okay. But the problems start with our mentality. Copernicus just called. The universe does not revolve around the screen you called Bravia or whatnot. Leave it for a while, and you'll see that there are more things in life than television. Like, internet for example. He3

Thursday, May 21, 2009

When Boredom Strikes

I would like to propose one thing. Lets have a Ferris Wheel in Masai. We'll call it, MAS-Eye. Yeah. I think it can boost our tourism sector here in Iskandar.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mind Your Manners. That's All You Have

Hello. How I miss writing here. But I must say that I have writer's block. Ha3 so much for it. I just don't know what to write. But this morning I went to Amway's factory here in JB. I was suppose to go there yesterday but something came up, as usual. So there I go. And oh ya, it was like 4 years ago since I last went there so I can't find the damn huge building. 

Inside, I was expecting a few smiling people but a hope is just hope. Everyone was like running here and there as if they're in a race to pick up orders. Stupid right? What's the point of running? You'll still get the stupid parcel. Well, as if the staff are not rude enough, the guy behind the counter made my day worse. I don't know the damn ADA number for my parents, so dah la kan? Kena marah pulak.

The thing is, these people depended on their jobs to keep them alive. One jobless day would mean they'll have to sit at the roadside begging for food. So why not doing your job with a smile? Or a manner would be so fine. They act as if we're nuisance. If we're not there, they're not going to have anything to eat! I wouldn't mind if you drive a Benz but it's just a stupid Proton! Wake up stupid! You need customers to keep breathing!

To me, who you are doesn't matter. It's how you bring yourself. Even if you're a big shot football player, if your manner sucks, nobody will look up to you. The thing is, everybody needs each other. Disregarding your gender, race or nationality, you won't survive alone. It's such a basic knowledge but nobody seems to take the effort to understand it. One more thing, even if you don't like what you do, think optimistically. You'd die if you don't do it.

Friday, May 15, 2009

I've Walked Down The Memory Lane

The boys dormitory at Nudgee College

I miss Australia. I really do. I miss my walk along the beachfront at Sandgate. I miss my rides at Dreamworld in Gold Coast. I definitely miss the the kids at the Limbach's. I wish I can be there right now. Well, we can't get everything that we wanted huh? Yeah I guess so. I've been having that all week. 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

When Fire Meets Fire

I just went back from the movies to watch Angels And Demons. All I can say is, good heavens it was awesome!!!!!! I am so thanking God for not allowing me to finish the book. I mean it would be a very dull movie if I did. I was sitting like a 14 year old schoolgirl with a pad throughout the whole movie. I don't know why but somehow I am so excited to discover the history and mystery  that they unravel during the 2 hour show. It's fast pace, just like the other movie.

I am fascinated by what the movie is about. The conflict between science and religion. I know that a friend of mine already covered this topic but I must say, it is very important for us to understand both their roles. That is why this movie came to the silver screen. Because the guys from the past didn't want to understand it.  I think they do but they refuse to admit it.

See, this group of scientist went on and did some research on anything they are curious of. Then what happen? They found out their research resulted in conflicting facts with the ones given by the church. With that, they began to question the credibility of the church. These church people on the other hand don't want to lose their followers, therefore they had accused the scientist as being misguided. Well, I put it as polite as I can.

These scientist form a group called the Illuminati, 'The Enlightened Ones'. With that, the church hunt the Illuminati and killed them. At first, Illuminati was just like a science club. But when the church had gone barbaric, they had to fight back for survival. Hm, what do the term those lawyers use? An act of defense? Ha that kind of thing. So that explains the age-old rivalry between the two. The church siding the religion and the scientist siding the, well, science.

So, what happens when these two great forces, science and religion, clashes? Well, they actually complete each other. Science explains religion and same goes the other way. I don't understand why they say that exploring science further will bring you away from God. To me, science is actually God's way of explaining His miracles. It's like his blueprint or somekind. So, there is no question of clashing or anything, because both needs each other.

When a man of God (which anyone can be) explore science, I believe that he actually strenghtens his faith towards Him. It does not mean you're abandoning science when you go to the mosque or church or temple or anywhere. Religion is everything but unprogressive. It's just that you have to deeply understand both. And oh ya, I think we need to have a great faith in our own religion first when we watch A&D. The movie really puts it to the test.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

When Life Was In The Shadow

Tommorow is the release date for Angels And Demons in Malaysia. I have got to watch it. I have the book, but only got the chance to read half of it. Looking at the other side of the coin, I will have the gift of suspense. So yeah, I'm really excited about it. I read all three other books written by Dan Brown. Da Vinci Code was quite good. The movie, I mean. Most of the books have quite a number of studies in religion.

Throughout history, the one thing that really change the world is actually religion. No matter what the activity is, religion will tag along. Let's just look at the coming of Islam to the IndoChina. What written was that the Arab traders came to Malacca on the way to China. The first intention was to sell stuff there but later on they were spreading the teachings of Islam. And soon enough, Islam affects the way of life of the people there. It's because religion IS a way of life.

The birth of Buddhism is the result of Siddharta Gautama being 'awakened' after being born a Hindu. He sees that Hinduism is just not it. So he left the palace to meditate. Yeah, that's what he did. This is when Siddharta discovered that he is a whole different person. After that, he travelled for years to spread his words. Words that was considered very peaceful at that time as Hindu was somehow seen as cruel.

When we say the name Constantine, we will know that he is the Roman emperor who is responsible for having almost everyone in his kingdom to practice Christianity. I would say that his technique is very good. Well, under normal circumstances, we can't even ask our own sister to do the chores. But this guy, he's good. Ha3 The thing is, he himself was Pagan. Yup, only when he was on his deathbed that he was baptised. It's like, you have a diabetes but you can tell someone to watch their sugar intake.

What can be concluded is that religion actually is very effective when you're in the dark. Whatever the religion is, when you're introduced with a faith, it will come seeping into you like water with sponge. That's what happen during those time. That's why the mass spreading of religion occured during the early stage of civilisation. No matter how high you are, faith is something vital. It keeps you going in life. 

Why Must We Go Out?

Venice. Ah.. That's just a nice view isn't it. Yeah. But I laughed when I heard that it's not as pretty as it is always pictured. The view is romantic, but the smell is horrendous. Ha3 I just want to say that not everything that's 'over the sea' is pretty. This is an answer to the Dulux billboard. The moon is just as bright here as it is abroad.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Minah Ini Crazee

Ha3 Yeah. Well, moving on to a different story. I was about to give my dear Nokia E90 a new housing. But the damn thing costs like, RM330! It's not like I don't have the money but I just don't think it's worth to spend that much of money at the moment. Maybe in 6 months time, but not today honey. I'd rather having you scratched than scrathing my ATM card.

Jatuhnya Seorang Pejuang

Pilu melanda hatinya sewaktu cahaya timbul sepanjang ufuk, menandakan tibanya kedatangan sang pagi. Sepilu bulan hendak meninggalkan langit, pilu lagi perasaan yang terbenam di benaknya. Merah darah di sekeliling menyala, berkilau memantul sinar matahari. Pedang terpacak sergam, bersama timbunan mayat pemiliknya. Ternyata sia-sia semua usaha. Mula bermain di fikirannya, apakah silap pada malam itu sehingga kekalahan sebegini singgah di kehidupannya.

Benar, Tentera Berdarah itu telah menelan berjuta insan, tetapi dia berdegil. Hatinya mengatakan pejuangnya telah bersedia. Namun lihat apa yang terjadi kini? Mayat bergelimpangan tanda kelemahan. Semuanya hancur bilamana tsunami keegoan menghambat tebing harapan. Apakah yang akan terjadi selepas semua ini? Ketidakpastian pula muncul biarpun sedih belum lagi pergi. 

Apa yang pasti, dia tetap akan bergerak. Tentera yang digeruni ramai akan ditentang sekali lagi, dan lagi, dan lagi. Sehingga suatu masa nanti, tatkala dirinya sendiri jatuh bersama, dia akan berhenti. Lelah akhirnya akan dibalas dengan kemenangan walaupun dia tahu, tiada siapa yang bergelar wira dalam pertempuran ini. Hanya bermain di sudut hati, bilakah hari itu akan tiba, membawanya ke puncak dunia.

Sheesh, I better stick to English. My malay poetry sucks!

Monday, May 11, 2009

In Time With The Events

What is history? My 2nd semester! Ha3 No2, back to the real world Sufee. Well, in my opinion, history is a chain of event occuring as a result of another history, which is a chain of events, that occured in the past. We've seen many things happenned for the last how many centuries. I can't imagine what would happen if some other things else appeared.

What would happen if Kennedy, both John and Robert were more aware that they're on the brink of their deaths? Would they be more careful? What would arise if Hitler actually gave his full power to Hiemler, his most trusted right-hand man? Would a plane still be a mere dream if the Wright brothers had acrophobia (fear of heights)?

When Neville Chamberlain stepped down as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in 1940, Churchill was not his first choice as successor. Some other guy, I think it was Clement Atlee but let's just call him A, was more of a desirable person to lead the nation. But on the evening of the announcement, A went to see his dentist. Should Churchill be denied of his fated post as the Prime Minister of UK, would Great Britain survived World War II?

Yesterday, I went out and had lunch with my friends. We were supposed to go to KFC but turn out, it was packed with millions of people. Then we went to Naser Corner and saw the same situation. We ended up at Lembah Beringin instead of Segamat Corner. Tengah2 makan boleh pulak nampak Azzali.. Turn out he was with his family. After finishing my meal I had a chat with his father. He then told me that the lunch was on him. Had KFC not been crowded at that time, I wouldn't have the chance to meet his family (and saved RM10 for lunch, he3).

What I'm trying to say is, history is something that was fated to happen, actually happened. For whatever reason it may be, God had something planned for us. Our job is only to run the event, and go with the flow. 

'Free at last, free at last! Thank God Almighty we are free at last!'

Martin Luther King Jr.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Grow Up!

Why must someone be so greedy when it comes to power. What is so special about it? The power to govern the country? The power to control your firm? Or maybe the power to lead your group? I understand that when you are at that place, the thing comes differently. That's what my dad call as paradox theory. When you're down here, you see everything your way but when you're up there, the view is a whole new stuff. But what I don't get is that why must you be so shameless to chase what you had already loss?

When you had the chance, do whatever it is that has been trusted upon you well. Do it as if it is your last day there. Don't just sit there, be a puppet and act as though you're already at the top! Because when you fall, you're going to float in your own dreamland that says you're still at the peak of the mountain. Why don't you just walk out of the door gracefully while you still have your dignity? Stop being a kid and running around, grabbing other people's place. 

And what about the Sultan? Why should you deny whatever his decisions are? Who are you to do that? To bring it to the court is just so insolent. Haven't your history lessons ever thought you about loyalty to the ruler? It's no use reciting the Rukun Negara when your mind does not even clicked with it's content! I must say that it is a shame to have a fellow citizen like that.

Well, this is not a biased post. I am sick by the childish act someone had shown to the whole world. I just can't stand the look of such a moronic person. Why don't you just look at yourself first before blaming the citizen of Earth for your own stupidity.

Save, Save, Save

Good day. I have Q&A that looks sorta like an article to me. It was given by my dad. I'm posting it here so that I can read it whenever I want and, yeah, share it with anyone who reads. 

3 steps to financial security: Save, save, save

Question: What percentage of income should someone save in order to be considered financially responsible? I'm wary of spending now because of the bad economy, but I don't know how much I should be saving on a monthly basis. --Lionel, San Diego, Calif.

Answer: I guess there's nothing like the combination of a market meltdown, housing crash and a recession to get people into to a saving frame of mind.

Whether it's someone who wants to know the true meaning of living within your means or a reader looking for timely and practical advice on how best to use his tax refund, I've been getting more and more questions suggesting that people are increasingly eager to save and, like you, become more financially responsible.

That said, there's still plenty of room for improvement on the savings front. For example, yesterday's quarterly GDP release from the Bureau of Economic Analysis also shows that the U.S. personal savings rate climbed to 4.2% in the first quarter of this year. That's a nice increase from the 3.2% at the end of last year and a major improvement from the negative 0.7% rate back in early 2005. But it's still below the double-digit savings rates of the mid-1980s.

And when it comes to socking away bucks for retirement, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling's 2009 financial literacy survey also shows we're not exactly knocking ourselves out. About a third of those polled said they put away nada for retirement, another third save 1% to 10% and just under a quarter save more than 10%. (The rest said they didn't know how much they set aside or refused to answer.)

So how much should you be saving each month to be leading a financially responsible life?

Well, as much as I'd like to be able to tell you to save 10%, 15% or whatever and you'll be fine, it's impossible for me to do that without knowing a whole lot more about you. The percentage of income that's appropriate for you will depend on your income, age, the amount of money you've already saved, your employment prospects and, most important, how much you're willing to forego immediate gratification for current and future financial security.

I can, however, give you a few tips on how to become a more responsible saver. And once you get started, you can then settle on a regular savings routine that suits your circumstances.

Start by building an emergency fund. The single most important reason to save is so you have at least some protection against life's little (or not so little) setbacks. I'm talking about everything from a job loss to a leaking roof or broken-down car to a kids' orthodontia bills. Basically, all the "non-recurring" expenses that still seem to occur often enough to wreak havoc with your budget.

Ideally, you should have three to six months' worth of living expenses in this fund. And to assure this dough will be there when you need it, you should keep this money in a savings account, short-term CDs or a high-quality money-market fund.
Develop a retirement savings regimen. Once you've established your emergency fund, your next priority is to begin saving regularly for retirement. Again, I can't give a magic number, but several tools can help you come up with a reasonable amount. For a quick estimate, go to our How Much You Need To Save Tool.

If you can't handle the figure the tool recommends, save what you can and increase the percentage slowly, maybe bumping it up a percentage point each year or increasing it with each pay raise until you get to the right level.

Once you've signed up for your 401(k) or are saving regularly in other accounts, you can periodically check out a more sophisticated calculator, such as our Retirement Planner, to review your savings strategy and possibly tweak it.

Look for additional ways to save. Even after you've got your emergency fund and retirement covered, you're probably going to want to save occasionally for other goals, say, a down payment for a house or car or college costs for kids. Coming up with extra savings when you're already regularly contributing to a 401(k) or other retirement accounts can be tough. But if you're serious, there are ways to do it.

One is to try a few techniques that effectively allow you to "fool" yourself into saving more. Another is to specifically target big-ticket items in your budget for downsizing, since that's where you'll likely find the largest potential for saving.

One final note: Don't let easy excuses prevent you from saving to your full potential. When people without savings were asked by pollsters working for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling why they didn't save, the number one reason offered (by 59% of respondents) was that they had a limited income.

Hey, guess what? We've all got limited incomes. But unless you're among that unfortunate group of people whose incomes are so low that they can barely squeak by, there's always some spending that can be pared back at least a bit to put away a few bucks for the future.
(Adapted from

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Is That Really It?

Evening. Okay, when I write this post, I had just finished reading loads of ghost stories posted on Laman Blog Rasmi Misteri Jam 12. I think it's a stupid thing to do. No2, don't get me wrong. I love ghost stories. It's just that, well, I'm not that berani lah. Yes, I had to admit that fact. I mean, it's no use saying that I am who I'm not. So, yeah, I am a bit affected right now. You can give me a guy with a gun, but don't put anything mystical in front of me. =)

I remember (ha3 nak jugak citer pengalaman sendiri) when I was 8. I went back from my Quran reciting class at 8 in the evening. I went from the house of my ustazah to one of my friend's. My mum was supposed to be waiting for me there. As I walk along the creepy road beside the sewage treatment plant, I saw someone, probably a lady, was holding a small child. The lady has waist-length hair. I thought it was my mum, so I ran after her. This 'lady' went behind a tree and vanished.

Seriously, I know I wasn't imagining anything. The image was vivid. When I saw my mum, I told her what happenned. She kinda wanted to deny that it was something odd, by saying maybe it was some woman with her child. But I know, it was something. Sheeiit.. If it happenned recently, I swear I won't go home after dark. Lagi2 rumah aku memang sebelah penuh pokok2. Damn. Kalau masuk rumah memang nampak lah ape yang kat hutan tu mase park kereta kat garage. If I am in the situation where I had to get into my house after 10, I would either ask my mum to wait for me or just storm into the house. 

Azizi told me, that it is true that if we don't interrupt these paranormal being, they won't disturb us. But what if they are the ones who wanted to fool around with us? Well if that's the case, believe that God is everywhere. We are His creations. Whatever happens, we must ask for His help. Not the others. I'm sorry if this coincide with any of other works, but I just felt the need to write this, so as to remind myself that we are not alone in this vast world of God. If you want to read a good ghost story written by Mr Izuan, click here.

Oh ya. Long live the Queen. ;)

When SMS Is The 'In' Thing

This country, Malaysia has gone through so many stages since the beginning of last century. It has seen many marvelous events, and even tragedies. The fallen hero during the Japanese invasion, the declaration of independence, the emergence of Saga, and the rise of our own Twin Towers. However, the greatest threat to the nation's stability still lingers across the 13 states. 

During my last visit to Borders, I came across a book written by Tunku. It was about the 13th May incident. I remember when I discover the date of 13th May, not many wanted to tell me what it is about. But as time goes by, we see many books, and journals discussing about the matter. I went on to read about it briefly. But what I was fascinated of was the pictures included in the book. It shows how bad the situation is at that time. Cars looks like firewood and buildings, well lets just say Krakatoa looks more pleasing.

I never lived through 13th May, but I have experienced 31st August 2007. Remember? Well it is still fresh in my mind. The horror started when the housekeeper told my mum that there will be a strike, similar to the 13th May but this time, it's Indians who are the ones who's going to do it. There were rumours saying that there has been a fight at Taman Cendana between Malays and Indians. In normal circumstances, I couldn't care less but the thing is, Taman Cendana is 5 minutes away from my house.

Then it happens. Rumours spread like wildfire as they say. Cops are everywhere. Roadblocks are like 2cm away from each other. Like I said, rumours were spread and it's ugly. Nobody went out of the house after 8pm. Then SMSs came pouring in, telling stuff that is not very nice for the throat to hear. I have loads of Indian friends, but the matter does not affect our friendship. We still meet at Plaza Pelangi after tuition class. But as 31st August came nearer, the tension grows stronger.

I have never been more scared in my life, I had to admit that. I mean, the thought of being attacked, or witnessing one is not pretty okayh. So we succeed in convincing my dad to get out of JB. Well, the epicenter of the strike was supposed to be in Pasir Gudang, so that explains my worry lah kan. Turn out that nothing happened. That night of 31st August, Datuk Balakrishnan came to Taman Cendana, paying a visit to the residents there. 

The thing is, nobody wants a bloodshed. However we say it, somehow we just want to live our everyday lives smoothly. That is why unity is very important. Respect is a must and tolerance should be practice. Why should we hate someone who's different than us? We're all God's creation. Whatever we do, think about the effects inflicted after that. It is not easy, but it is not that hard to maintain peace in our country. All we have to realise is that we are so lucky to be in this land of opportunity. Long live Malaysia. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just A Name, Nothing More

Good day. I figure that many will be mad when I say this. The service at Pasir Gudang Bank Islam branch sucks. My opinion may be biased, but considering that my uncle works with Bank Islam, I would say that I'm being generally honest. 

I am a guy who mind my manners. So whenever anyone is rude to me, expect a comeback. Because my other part would be impatience. This morning when I went to the Pasir Gudang branch, I don't have any idea that we were not supposed to turn on our phone. Well, it's a common technology so why deny. So when my dad called me unexpectedly, I answered it like a normal human being would. In the middle of the conversation, the security officer told me to continue it outside. I don't mind if she asked me nicely. But that lady is just so rude, I don't think she's married.

The service there is so slow. It took me an hour just to transfer money from my Bank Islam account to the other bank account. I don't know, maybe it's just their style of work or maybe it's already 12 at that time. Yeah. 12 PM. Only three hours after they started transaction. Hm, I know this is kinda harsh but I don't think they use Islamic concept there. I mean, Islam stress on efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to doing work, but they have none. Anyone who has relatives or friends who's working for this bank, sorry. 

So much for that. I'm now in current state of floating-ness. Ha3 Yes I know I have two papers left but who can resist this? I had to go along with it. I don't know. =) Uhuh, yesterday was fun. Right after dinner, we went to discover Segamat. Nisa's idea. It was supposed to replace the fun fair event. But as I drove towards the intersection which leads to Muadzam, we saw another fun fair, with Ferris Wheel and all. The next event is for you to figure out lah. But I just ride the bumper car thingy. I'm not the kind of guy who enjoy rides. Yang kat theme parks lain tu buat2 berani je.. He3 

Oh yeah, I'm currently listening to So Sorry by Feist. It's a great song. Imagine you driving a Mustang convertible along the suburbs of Riverside on a sunny Sunday afternoon, with wind blowing through your hair, while listening to this song. Ah, pure serenity. Enjoy the rest of your day.

'California is a fine place to live - if you happen to be an orange'

Fred Allen

Journey To The West

This is where we face everyday. People would give away their life to be here. However, no matter how hard we try, if He does not calls upon you, it would never happen. That is why I believe, if I can go this coming November, then it's fated. The same goes the other way. It's no use to force our way there. There's always another time.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Am Not You

Hello there. Went to Pavilion just now. You've guessed it, more spoilt brats. I don't just say it out of annoyance, but I do get feedbacks you know. Not everyone enjoys the experience of seeing a bunch of kids hanging around, making noises and kissing each other without any sense of shame. I know how is it being adolescent, with the raging hormones and all. But if you HAD to kiss each other, do it behind close doors lah.. I'm not saying that it is okay to do such things. You must know your limits. 

I had never seen anyone so stupid before. But a few days ago I encounter a guy who had just lost his wife. It was at 2 in the afternoon I think. The wife had just been buried at 10. He went to my granny's place to ask anyone if they wanted his child. At first I thought the guy was crazy. Without proper documentation and all, it would never work. Then he asked for RM2000 upfront. From that statement, I derive a theory which says he is a nutcase and a scumbag. 

Theres no wonder that kids nowadays are so insolent. It all originated from how you actually raise that child. A young man is like a cement. Mold it while it is still soft. When it solidifies, that's the real them. Voila. Congratulations. I never really have a dream of being a parent. I don't want to. Yes, it's God's gift, but the gift that you yourself are looking for. It comes with a responsibility greater than any others. It's not a bean bag you know. 

These kids, they're the future of our country. We don't want to see a bunch of alcoholics or yang sewaktu dengannya running the government do we? How it is right now, that is already good. We just need to find a replacement that is as sane as the ones right now. For those who concerns lah kan. I mean, anything that we do actually affects everything. It's just we didn't realise it. How can we when we're so self-centered? 

On a lighter note, my mum asked me whether I contacted her anymore. I gave my answer and she asked why. I never really discuss this matter with my parents because I don't feel comfortable doing so. I don't know. She said to me that as a friend, why not. I just kept quite. Some things are meant to be left just like that. 

If a couple remains as friends after they broke up, they are either still in love, or they never were.