Saturday, February 27, 2010

Believing Is Seeing

Good day. I rarely update my blog is because seriously, I have nothing to say. To me, to write and to have people reading requires me to have knowledge, or maybe even just a pinch of knowledge on how to attract people with my writing, which skill I have not mastered yet. Just like the Khutbah Jumaat or the Sunday Mass or the whatever parade you have that has a speech in preaching in it, the preacher must not be stupid, nor ignorant.

I do believe that if you want to write something, you must believe in something. I don't believe in anything currently. I can't even trust myself, as what I say might be hypocrisy. But why am I writing now? Do I believe in something now? I don't think I do. But what I really know is that life has got a little okay right now, as I can grasp the very complicated meaning of it. Or do I?

Okay2, that's my craziness speaking just now. I had to say, recently I found out that the very basis of life is faith. What your life turn out to be is a reflection on what you believe. Are you really in this world doing good? Is there any significance of you in life, in the grand scheme of things? When we look at us, individually, we don't matter actually. Just like a tiny ant trying to bring back a piece of cake for the colony. Get me?

But when we believe that we are actually a part of a huge community, a larger society, we become unstoppable. We tried to do more, as we thought that if we don't start it, no one will. Suddenly we are the hero, or so we believe. Being oneself is one thing, but believing that we are one, is another. Just like Adrian Monk yesterday, he is being timid for the rest of the series. But in one episode, he believes that he is Frankie DePalma and he act as if he is. He believe he is Frankie, so he is.

What I'm saying is that, we may not have it. We might not be tall, we might not be handsome and we might not be thin. But when we believe that we are, even the mirrors can't help us. We choose what we want to see. Trust me, I am self obsessed that every time I see a mirror I would stop to see what's wrong with my image. Being me, I always see that I'm not even close to the guys in The O.C or 90210 or Gossip Girls. But then when I believe that I am, even Brad Pitt don't look as good as me.

Like I said, the very basis of life is faith. What brought the world in it's track today is the cause of a few people, having faith in something, believing that they might change the world, restructure the inevitable future. However you say it, tomorrow will come. So have faith, we're going to make it.