Thursday, October 30, 2008

Message Pending

I went to KFC for dinner just now. The smell was just phenomenal. The aroma of oily and hot chicken freshly cooked for more than 20 minutes. Fuh! It's enough to make me submit to my hunger and order a snack plate. Ha3 during the meal, I saw my scoop of coleslaw and remembered one of my senior told us to eat salads first, for somewhat reason I can't recall. It's good that he enlightened us about it, but the way he said it, well this is how it goes:

Us : YB, apa adab makan yang sebenarnya ek?

YB : Ha, tu la korang, baru nak ambik tau. Takpe aku citekan ye. Ok, first skali korang kena ingat untuk makan makanan yang belum dikenakan api dulu.

Us: Maksud ko, makanan macam salad semua tu?

YB : Haah, kalau mat salleh kan diorang suruh makan salad last sekali kan? Ha kepale abah diorang. Korang tak payah ikut macam tu. 

Well, I was a bit aghast when I heard him said that but I kept quite and listened throughout the session. You know what? that's not a very good way to convey your dakwah because the way you say it will affect the willingness of your target to heed to your message. Why not we say ini adab Rasulullah.. so apa kata kita ikut sunnah.. That sounds better, don't you agree?

That may be one of the reason why the world population are very prejudice towards Islam. It's because the followers themselves depict a less than acceptable attitude. If we want them to join us, why don't we change for the better and show them that Islam is a religion of peace, and harmony. 

p/s; I still can't recall the reason on why you should eat food such as salads first. I'll get back later on that kayh?


Have you ever trusted someone so strongly that you'd bet your life that the person would never betray you? Don't. I was once like that. All plans were made and then suddenly, poof! Everything's gone. It's like building a skyscraper with your bare hands and then blowing it up with class one dynamite. Usually I can forget about it but today it runs around my head again. I guess I just have to sleep on it huh? =) 

Till later

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Elephants Don't Forget

Can you forgive and forget? I certainly cannot. I have a wonderful memory that have a capacity of 10 lifetime (ha3 berlagak) Ok maybe not that long but it's kinda big. I hate that kind of memory coz I'll tend to remember every stuff and my past isn't that cool. I wanted to forget but I can't. And when I don't forget, it's hard for me to forgive. But, it's hard to make me mad. So maybe that's a compensation from God. Whatever it is, I pray for the best. 

p/s;  Its not me who should forgive. It's all from Allah.

Politics and Why

Who do you think should win? Obama or McCain? I strongly back Obama. If I can vote, I'd vote for him. His policies on a few matters are very convincing and we do need to see someone who has the real calibre takes on the White House again. Ha3 speaking like an American. I don't know why but this election has really caught my eye. I still remember the race between Al Gore and Bush, and Bush with Kerry but this one, is the best. Maybe its because Obama's the first black to run? 

Back to Malaysia, what about Abdullah and Anwar? Hm.. I back neither. That's because I'm a supporter of Mahathir. So if you ask me right now I would say 'No comment'. Some of them told me that we shouldn't be mingling around with politics. But to me, I'm just taking notes on what's happening around us. Lets face it. Their decision, their policies will somehow affect us. The rich, the poor, government servant, businessmen, and even students. I think before I do. Maybe that's my problem, I think too much.