Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hormones? Tak Faham Lah!

Hello. They say, when your emotion is sky high, that's when you should write. That's when you should post your entry. Well, this is why I'm writing now. But, as usual, I am so secretive about what I want to write. I just don't like people to judge me, saying 'ek eleh, sebab ni pun nak emo?' Well, sometimes I just want to tell people that my emotions are not stable.

That's why, well I think la, we need people besides us. Around us. People who can at least tell you that everything is going to be okay. Who can comfort you in time of needs. Who can lower your blood pressure. They can be anyone ranging from your family to your loved ones. Well, my advice is to have someone you trust to be the one that can do what I wrote just now.

At this moment, friends are everything. I don't know why, but I kept looking for one that can stand me. Well, I'm not so easy to be with. Maybe it's because of my attitude. Yeah I know I'm a jerk. By now many would say 'eleh, nak orang comment "no2 you're not a jerk" kat die lah tu' but no. I'm saying because I want to change. I really do.

Haish, sumpah dah tak tau ape nak tulis. Till next time okay? He3 oh ya, thanks ya. If you read till here because that means you're so patient with me. ;)

My prized possession (for now). The complete set!! ;D

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sweet Child Of Mine

Hello. After what seems to be decades, I come back. I don't know what happened but seems to me like a writer's block. Ceh, konon macam author of some great book lah kan. Hm, seriously, I don't have the idea, the enthusiasm to write anything. Probably it's because I'm too busy preparing for the exam, and stressed out because of assignments and all. Or maybe, during that point of my life, there's nothing interesting to write. Or nothing that I dare to write to say the least.

Okay. Last week, I went to McD for dinner. Beside us is what I like to call the Adam Family. Not because the mum is gliding or the uncle is bald or the butler is Frankenstein-ish, but because they were so weird. The little one was crying non stop, the mother (well I assume she's the mother) totally ignored the kid to the point that when the boy showed his fist to her 5 times, she didn't even budge. I on the other hand am annoyed.

The whole place was like, what...? The lady didn't do a thing to stop the boy's whining. God, if that kid is mine, I would've shove a shoe in his mouth. Tough love, I know. I think kids need to be told not to act like that in public. Or elsewhere. Because it's embarrassing, it's stupid, and it's loud. I hate stuff that is loud. Contradicts my lifestyle huh? Ha3 just look at the location of my house, then you'll know how peaceful the place we live in.

Back to the topic. Kids nowadays are getting more insolent. Why? Because parents are spoiling them. Sheesh. They were given everything that they wanted that when they don't get it, they'll cry, they throw tantrums, they shout, and the whole set. I mean, what happen to listening to parents? What happen to spanking? What happen to obeying what the parents told them to do? If we look closely, those days are over.

Why? It's because of the parents themselves. They shove in too much 'love' into their kid's mouth that they forget, discipline is important too. How is it that you get whatever you want, even though your dad only works as a factory supervisor? It doesn't add up you see. The parents are working so hard to fulfill their child's wants, not needs. At some point, even Tom Cruise would go bankrupt.

When kids gets stuff to easy, what they want when they want it, they'll never appreciate it. Work like a dog, and you'll be one if you have that kind of child. I have a friend whose parents are filthy rich, but live a life that's low profiled. Why? Because they have to earn every penny they spent. Even to have a meal out, they have to pay the parents a sum of money, because eating out is not free. Everything they have, is of their own money, which they have to earn.

That is what I call love. Educate your child on how to handle money of their own, on their own. Not giving them the world and cry on bed over credit card bills. What I'm trying to say is, do not spoil your kids. It's bad for them, and it's bad for you. Yes, they are your responsibilities, but don't raise them to be your liabilities. Where we are right now, is the result of the fine raising of our parents. Why not do the same?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Salam Pertemuan

Cantik kan? Hm, please pray that my family and I arrive there safely this mid November.

Tuhan, sampaikan salam aku pada Baitullah ya.