Friday, January 30, 2009


Every single day was like the last for me. He3 I live it to the max lah.


I was tagged by Khatty by the way. How do I know her yea? Long story woa..
Ha3 to make it short, it all started thru cellphone. Myspace-ing pun ye gak. Oh ya, she was my first young chaperone ever!! Ha3
All in all, a great gal in particular, and babe, hope you'll never change. ;)

I suffer from polyphobia. But the greatest is dog phobia. I can beat Ato Boldon when I'm chased by dogs. Serious man.
I also fear big things. Trust me, I hate big buildings and mountains. Lalu sebelah Batu Caves pun seram.
Aha, and if you wear costume yang macam Ronald McD tu, jauhkan diri kay? I hate those also. hee~ 


I simply love writing. Whatever mood I'm in, I'll write. It's my best way of expressing feelings peeps.

I have a sis. Lovely sista. Sayang dia. =)


I broke my leg when I was seven. I ran and slipped. Tibia and fibula twisted pastu patah. The worst in my life.


I'd kill to have Dome here in JB. Serious sandwich dia sedap ouh. Mulut I lagi kecik! 


I also love to listen. Everything you want to tell me, I'm all ears! Kalau tanak pun I hulur telinga gak. he3


When I was young, I'm addicted to jazz. Thanx to my parents. =)


I love driving at the 'right' time. Macam dalam movies. Now I like to find all the right time for everything.


I'm insomniac. I don't sleep well. And when I do sleep, my wake time lasts forever. Pelik kan? Insomniac ar beb.


Currently in my 2nd sem for DIIA. Sangat malas nak belajar. Tapi nak ANC. Berangan lebeyh.. ha3 


Trust me, everyone is my bestfriend. If you treat me well, I'll treat you like my sedara. 


I love to kiss forehead orang. My sis selalu kena la. he3 


Travelling is my thing. But not currently. Kalau suka berjalan, call me yeah?? 


I think being single is kewl or izzit? ;)

Explorace Danga (Ch. 2)

Oh ya, I forgot to continue my story of the conquest to City Square. He3 Okay, masa dah sampai, kitorang sibuk nak cari toilet okay? Maklumlah, mana ada toilet tepi jalan Pantai Lido tu ha, lagi2 lalu kat sebelah Perkuburan Mahmoodiah. Huh. Tapi Ili pulak ajak pegi Bangunan CIQ kat seberang sana, so ikutlah kehendak makcik tu kan.. He3 Actually sampai sana ingat nak ambik gambar lagi tapi ada pakcik guard tu macam nak marah je so tak jadi.. Kembali ke CS..

Lepas tu, kitorang nak pergi Food Court kat sebelah Cathay tapi boleh tutup pulak! Baru teringat yang haritu first day CNY.. hu3 agak hampa di situ. Takpelah, ada Marrybrown, wuuu.. sedapnye.. Well oklah dari takde makanan kan? Aku makan bubur, macam sampah. Tapi yang ni diletak sambal. Huh. Tengah makan sibuk bercerita, sampai lima kali orang datang dan pergi. Ha3

Dah tu, plan nak balik pulak. Naik bas tah ape tah. Rude okay orang2 yang terlibat dengan transportation ni. Ade ke patut Ili kena marah sebab dia tak dengar pakcik tu cakap suruh naik bas sebelah. Huh. Dah naik bas, nampak mamat Indonesia and Bangladesh sangat ramai berdedai di Legaran Segget. Huish, scary ar. Then sampai di Danga Street Mall. Minum sikit, and then balik. Oh ya singgah di TiJB sekejap untuk ambik gambar. Ha3 makcik guard tidur. Tak guna betul.

That day was very fun. Aku sangat happy. Thanks you guys. Bila ada masa, jom buat kerja gila ni lagi! =))

Monday, January 26, 2009

Explorace Danga

Oh ya, if I would describe today, I just have one word. FUN! Well, I started the day with a breakfast with the family. Jarang okay, coz I used to get up late after subuh. He3 And then I went to pick Pah from the bus stop. Then start the journey to the beloved city. Little did Ili know that we had collapsed their plan and made a new one.

Well, basically, I just don't want to park at City Square coz it would be d*** expensive! So, Danga Bay is the best choice. Aha, we walked all the way from Danga Bay to City Square!! OMG! Actually it was not that far, but I don't know lah. Imagine, 2 hours of none stop walking. Is that far? Well 2 hours is because on the way, all of us were busy taking picture lah, busy dating lah, eating mandarin pun ada! Ha3 So I cannot estimate how far it is.

We started from Danga Street Mall, and it's a slow start. From the look of the clouds, most people would predict that it's going to rain soon. But we kept on going. Lawa tau Selat Tebrau, when we see it up-close. People would think that we're a bunch of Bangladeshi who just went down the tongkang from, well Bangladesh la kan? We crossed the road when we reach the front of Dataran Bandaraya. If we kept going straight, I think it would be quite boring actually.

Taking pictures, again. And then went to the side of Sultanah Aminah Hospital. Hu3 And the Mahmoodiah graveside. Eerie, but not scary. Well, lets skip the spastic school and the prison part lah. Not that cool. But hey, we arrived at CS!! Cool.

To be continued...

For One More Day

When I was about to post an entry here, I saw this commercial ad on TV3. I think it has a very special meaning. No, it's very good okay. Watch it. It serves everyone.

Happy Chinese New Year. And I hope my dad would know that I'll not wait till I regret. 

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Come Away With Me

Picture this. 

You're driving alone, around 6.30 in the evening. The sun is not about to set actually. It's just there, waiting to come down but not yet. The heat is not scorching, and yet you can feel it. The light is not that bright but enough to make you squint a bit. The wind breezes through and your hair just can't sit still. The highway is not that full, but not so empty at the same time. Thinking on what you had done, you listen to Norah Jones' Come Away With Me. Suddenly you feel it. 

How to describe the feeling? I don't know. But I felt it. Serenity, I guess. Thanks Keen, for teaching me to find the right moment. ;)

Come away with me in the night
Come away with me
And I will write you a song

Come away with me on a bus
Come away where they can't tempt us
With their lies

I want to walk with you 
On a cloudy day
In fields where the yellow grass grows knee-high
So won't you try to come

Come away with me and we'll kiss
On a mountaintop
Come away with me
And I'll never stop loving you

And I want to wake up with the rain
Falling on a tin roof
While I'm safe there in your arms
So all I ask is for you
To come away with me in the night
Come away with me

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy New Year

I have loads of friends. That is a fact. And all my friends are the same. Plus, a sum of my friends would celebrate the coming of a new year this Monday.


I wish all of you a Happy New Year and may it be a prosperous one. Lets work on to have a better understanding on each other, even though we have nothing to divide us

Friday, January 23, 2009

Gone With The Wind

Apa akan terjadi sekiranya kita tidak berubah? Tiada apa2. Tapi batu yang keras pun akan terhakis dengan kehadiran air. Sedikit sebanyak, perubahan akan berlaku tetapi mungkin pada skala yang amat kecil. 

Trust me, everyone will change. When? That is the question. My lecturer yesterday shows us two photos; one of a bird and another of a plane. He asked us wether we wanted to be a plane or a bird. Majority chose plane.

Katanya, seekor burung akan terbang dan mendarat sesuka hatinya, tanpa mempedulikan apa keadaan sekeliling. Hujan, ribut, banjir akan diredah. Lain halnya dengan kapal terbang. Ia perlu menunggu keadaan yang sesuai untuk berlepas dan mendarat.

He made his point. From what I understand, we need to be like the bird. We need to be flexible at any time, and willing to change at any condition. Don't be like the plane, because we will only change course when the condition is asking us to do so. 

Jadi, terpulanglah bagaimana kita menginterpretasi sesuatu maklumat itu. Tentu ada sebab kenapa post kali ni macam ni. On the other hand, I might have gone mad. This post might just be like any other post.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nananana.. I'm Hating It

Why do we want to boycott McD? Why Coca Cola? Tun Mahathir said drinking a can of Coke is equivalent to drinking a can of Palestinian blood. Who would actually want that? I don't. But we must think about this. What about the people working there? Our people, who also cares about humanity and loathe the attack of Israel on Gaza. They are in a place that they cannot do anything but to continue working, because they have a family to feed. 

Another thing that I don't understand is when they say the Palestinians died in a syahid way. Well, to my personal understanding, syahid is honoured to a person if they died defending Islam. At this point of time, I don't think the war is about religion. It's about a strip of land, called Gaza. And when we ask the Palestinians, they will say 'In Allah's name, this is the land of the Palestinians, give it back to us, we don't want our child to be afraid'. None of them will remember anything about Masjidil Aqsa or Jerussalem. Mind that fact okay?

Before we do anything, look at every perspective. I have my own. What's yours? By the way, I'm not eating McDs and not going to Starbucks to show my protest. Oh ya, I've cut down my Coke intake too. To zero. See, I'm sacrificing in the name of humanity. I'm not as radical as anyone would guess too right?

Why Today?

Hello. I think I’ve been neglecting this page for a long while already. So I just want to write on how today has happened. In the morning, a class with Puan Ati is never boring. She’s the kind of lecturer that every student would want. She’s kind. Full stop. See, she’s so kind that you won’t even have the heart to not finish your assignments. Well, that’s a good start for the morning, don’t you think? Nope.

Then, I asked Azizi so that he’ll go for brunch at Ila. Of course, Nawal and Keen would be there with Kwang too. I’ve no appetite to eat actually. Then I saw Nina and Fyza. I went over to them and told them to order first, while I wait for their table. Then, she went off after telling me that her Roti Telur Sardin sold out. Merajuklah tu, I guess.

Then I texted her, asking if she wanted to go out and have brunch outside the campus. She was delighted to, I can say. See, I’ve been wanting to ask her out so many times but didn’t get the chance to do so. He3 So today might be my lucky day I guess. Oh ya, Keen wanted to go as well, but there’s no space, literally because Biha, Fify, Ezi and Fyza is in the same car. Sorry Keen.

So, skip the meal part and the hospital episode lah. Ha3 coz it’ll take a year to finish writing that. ;) Then, we went back to the campus. Boring.. Ustaz Nawawi was no better than last week. Helplessly hilarious. I can’t handle that. And then I got ready for the night’s NADIIA general meeting. I was there with the overcoat. First time I talked to Mutiara and Shyda was actually talking and smiling at the same time. That is a cool experience. I’m saying it not in a bad way. Because I’m happy when everyone seems to have a good time.

I can say that today I enjoyed my time in the campus, and a part of it outside. So, UiTM is not that bad of a place. I just have to find the silver lining on this cloud. Right now, it’s not that hard to do so. =) Oh ya, noticed that there are loads of gals that I mentioned here? Well, that’s because my guy friends are currently busy with their couples. So tak nak lah cerita pasal diorang. Ha3. Auravoir..

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Aku Benci Racist!

Pernah tak kau rase yang kau dah tak boleh bohong orang lagi dah? Sebab pada kau, kalau kau bohong, masalah besar akan berlaku. Pada aku, kalau benda tu dah salah, aku tak boleh biarkan orang tu terus dalam kegelapan. Aku tak pandai selindung. I'm blunt. 

So that's why some people may find me rude. I speak what comes to my mind. When people pissed me off, I'll show that I'm not happy. Heck I'll show that I'm pissed! So if you are soft-hearted, peace loving people, don't mess with me okay? Coz recently I had a row with my lecturer. She insulted the Javanese, my people, my ethnic. Dia kata orang Jawa biasa duduk dalam hutan je. Kepale hotak die!! I made a point to her that my family, a Javanese family can succeed even better than hers. 

Me, a PROUD JAVANESE can communicate and write better english than her, a pure blooded Malay. So, it shows that no matter how high you are, jangan pandang kerek kat orang lain okayh? Because people, there is someOne who is always Greater than you. 

Ni, rumah Encik Yusli (orang Jawa) yang kat hutan tu.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Saya Berjanji!

Tahun lepas, ya aku berani cakap yang aku suka kat dia. Tapi sekarang aku tak tahu. Bukan apa, aku dah memang tawar hati. Lagi2 sekarang ni ha. Aku lagi senang berkawan dengan semua orang. Bila aku suka, dia tak nak, cuba nak buat aku tak suka. Tapi bila aku dah rapat dengan orang lain, pandai pulak nak jeles2.. Haish, Tak faham aku.

Serius, aku tak minat. Ha3 Buat apa nak lebih2? Biase2 sudah.. Buat apa nak commit, or letak harapan kalau asik sakit hati je kan? So now, a new resolution has been made.

No hanky panky 

But then again, it's just a resolution right? Ha3 I'll be strong to make sure it's achieved.  

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Road Not Taken

What would you do when you arrived at a junction? Worst, at a highway intersection where you have to decide fast, otherwise you’d be crushed to death. I came to that intersection a few days ago. You know what? Now I realise I hate driving! Ha3 okay, out of the track already.

Usually, I will have a firm stand on what I believe. Whatever I decide, I’ll stick to it like a frozen tongue to a lamp post on a winter night. Those who know me well will agree to the max about what I just said right now. But this time, I am torn between not just two, but a lot of my good friends. Just to give you the whole idea of what’s going on, my friends are having a silly (should be bold) misunderstanding.

I am a kind of guy who would say ‘That is your problem with her, I’m your friend, and her’s too’. But at a given point, they asked me to state my stand. Choose my side. Pick my friend. Well, not going to happen on the near future babe, because like any other situation, they just happen to have a mutual acquaintance. Me.

So now, I cannot say anything but to just smile to all of them, and do nothing that can worsen the situation. As I said before, I am neutral. But that doesn’t mean that I am a puppet. I watch, and I analyse. Do not bite my hand, and I will leave yours.

 Oh ya, I remember a funny sitcom that gives out this line. Though it kinda does not have to do anything with any of the above, I still think it’s funny.

‘Family is like quicksand. The more you struggle, the more you’ll sink. And if you don’t struggle, you’ll still sink.’

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Israel has crossed the line. Civilians has been killed and buildings are destroyed. Their only objective is to turn the overall landscape of Gaza into rubbles. How can they be so heartless?? Innocent lives are being ripped off their bodies. Somehow, somebody gotta do something. The US should stop backing Israelis' butt and get out of the UNs' way to take action towards the Israel. Where is the humanity in us nowadays? I can only pray for the souls of the Palestinians.

Is It Or Is It Not?

Morning. It has come to my attention that someone has posted on her blog that yoga is haram. If you came to read that blog, I am here to correct one of the stuff that she wrote. It is not that I wanted to critique her opinion on yoga, but her arguments are very weak. 

She said that yoga is a manifestation of faith towards Hindu. My God, how shallow you are. It all comes from your heart. You said that God knows everything, how can He not knows what's in your heart when you're doing yoga? It is an act of exercise for Heaven's sake. So you're saying that Christians and Buddhist can't jog because it reflects our saie during hajj?? Don't you ever think about it?

Then, you said that it's the same as we are not allowed to wear cross or some sort of crucifixion. Urm, okay, do we have to wear any ornaments during yoga? When we say yoga, what comes in mind? A form of exercise. What about a cross? A story about Jesus Christ!! That is why we don't wear cross! It clearly shows that we are honouring Jesus as a Godly figure! Yoga, hm, traced way back, and we're not even sure that if it shows that we are praying to what, Murugan or Shiva?

Another claim that I believe is wrong would be that Christians don't wear tudung. Ha3 this clearly shows that she has no experience and her circle of friends are very limited. If she lives long and travel far enough, she would see that our tudung, or called scarf is a form of fashion during windy seasons in the US. Christians, Jews or even Buddhists wear it okay. Watch your fact before you write anything. And our tudung, the real ones that Islam wants the ladies to wear is jilbab. Like I said, watch your facts.

Oh ya, the way you write Moslem is an offensive way of writing the actual way (Muslim). Look, it's all in your heart. If you're strong enough to believe in Allah, then all of this would never come to rise. We should be strong. Until when do we want to be paranoid of the things that are not suppose to be? As such, the act of believing in other than Allah as God is forbidden. So, never go overboard my fellow brothers and sisters.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Last Resort

Gidday. This week has been a colourful one. I went through tiring, scary, dissapointing, happy, and hilarious moments. Sometimes I wonder how can I experience all that in just mere 10 days. I met old friends, and make new ones. Whatever happens, I should never let even one slip through my hands. But maybe I let one. I don't know. That's the dissapointing part. I will never say sorry again, because what I did was almost right. All I can say, good riddance.

A good way to start a year, huh? And to top it off, I can say I kinda blew off something by practically using my big mouth. Well, in this case my big thumb. Ha3 Oh ya, I met new lecturers as well. The best would be Puan Haryati. She commented on my style of presentation with;

I think we have a future lecturer in here! But need to have board management.

Ha3 that's the funniest I've ever heard. Okay, I don't see myself as a lecturer in the near future. I was thinking of opening a school, or maybe a hospital. Then when I think I am ready to teach, I plan to be a lecturer. Not as a profession, but to give back to society.

Many of us sees teaching in a deluded way. This noble profession is seen as a last resort, a backup plan if you don't succeed academically. And sometimes it's chosen because it's the safest form of occupation, not because of interest. With that, they will not perform as an educator. As a result, students will suffer. This should never happen. Why must the kids get the heat just because of the lack of interest of that teacher in doing his/her job right? 

Therefore, choose your future carefully. Because you're meddling with others' too, if you walk the wrong path. Seriously, I'm dissapointed with someone. Why must things ended like this.

Pros and Cons

Mengapa kerajaan perlu dikritik sepanjang masa? Soalan ini perlu diajukan kepada setiap penduduk dunia. Di dalam kehidupan, tiada yang sempurna kecuali Tuhan. Apa yang dirancang, dijalankan tidak dapat menandingi sistem kerajaan Allah. Maka, apabila terdapat beberapa kecacatan pada sesebuah institusi manusia, ianya bukanlah sesuatu yang pelik. Maka kritikan sepatutnya diajukan agar kita sedar akan kesilapan kita, lantas perbaikinya.

UMNO, sebuah institusi politik yang telah diasaskan oleh Dato' Onn Jaafar, kini bergelut dengan beberapa masalah. Aku akui, masalahnya bukan calang-calang. Menambahkan kerumitan lagi, beberapa tahun belakangan ini banyak pula parti komponen Barisan Nasional yang mempersoal kedudukan mereka dan bangsa yang mereka wakili dalam pakatan kerajaan tersebut. MIC contohnya menggesa kerajaan memberi lebih perhatian kepada kaum India. Dalam sebulan yang lepas, ada pula pemimpin MCA yang tidak menerima konsep ketuanan Melayu dalam kerajaan Malaysia.

Ini menyebabkan segolongan rakyat berasa gusar dan ragu terhadap kredibiliti kerajaan BN yang telah memerintah Malaysia selama hampir 52 tahun. Tetapi, mahukah kita melihat dari perspektif Pakatan Rakyat pula?

KeADILan, merupakan parti yang lahir atas usaha Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim dalam menjatuhkan kerajaan Barisan Nasional. Memang perlu diberi pujian, idea Anwar mencantumkan PKR, DAP dan PAS adalah sebuah kejayaan besar bagi pakatan pembangkang. Namun beberapa bulan selepas Pakatan Rakyat ditubuhkan, telah timbul isu-isu yang agak memeranjatkan. Rasuah, sebagai contoh telah berleluasa dalam kalangan wakil rakyat pembangkang sendiri. Percanggahan fahaman antara DAP dan PAS juga menjadi isu hangat belakangan ini berkaitan dengan pelaksanaan hukum hudud. Anwar pula, dengan sikap acuh tak acuhnya, sering berjanji kosong kepada rakyat yang dia akan dapat menumbangkan kerajaan Barisan Nasional, sambil memberi tarikh2 yang agak simbolik bagi Malaysia sebagai deadline.

Aku melihat semua benda dari pelbagai sudut. Tidak perlu dinyatakan di sini pihak manakah yang aku pertahankan kerana jelas, keduanya mempunyai masalah. Cukup untuk aku beritahu yang aku manusia tahu mengenang budi. Bak kata pepatah inggeris,

I will never bite the hands that fed me.

Kita perlu fikir akan semua implikasi daripada perbuatan kita. Pilihan kita pada hari ini mungkin akan menjejaskan masa depan generasi akan datang, anak-anak kita juga. Masih belum terlambat untuk kita berfikir, tetapi seperti taubat, pintu peluang juga akan tertutup satu hari nanti, dan kita akan terperangkap dengan pilihan kita sendiri.