Friday, November 28, 2008


Have you ever heard something that makes you wanna say something? I'm sure you have, a lot. But I can only write what I think is wrong and sorry if it contrast with whatever your beliefs are.

Firstly, regarding the touching of dog. I believe that we cannot touch dog. Fullstop. It's written in the Quran and we know it. No double standard or anything. Then someone came and say that we can touch IF the fur are dry. So when it's not bathing or raining, you can touch it la? Wrong! That ruling only valid when you accidentally touched the dog. It's not a excuse for you, a Muslim, to have a dog as a pet! Don't follow the imam from Gubra.. It's a movie made by a deranged shemale who is hailed as the weirdest director in Malaysia.

Next, the practice of polygamy. The Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. married more than once around 1430 years ago because he is saving the fate of the widow of the fallen mujahideen. He did it in the name of Allah and whatever he did, he'll ask the consent from Allah. This is done by doing the Istikharah prayer or such. The muslim nowadays, are doing it in the name of LUST. They say that they wanted to follow the sunnah. Hah. Ya right. Which woman do you pick as the second, third or the fourth wife? A nice, alluring young gal. Sheesh, as far as I know, 80% of Muhammad's wife are widows.  Don't talk rubbish okay? You don't want to be labelled as munafik, trust me.

Don't try to say that I'm not educated enough in the field of religion. I study in the religious school and got the first degree for Darjah Khas. And I'm a liberal thinker who makes decision based not only from naqli, but also aqli. Oh ya, I take back what I said about marriage. As an action, I'll delete my post about marriage the other day.

Mumbai Attack

As we speak, Mumbai is right now attacked by an unknown militant group that called themselves the Deccan Mujahideen. At least 125 people were killed in the carnage. It caught the eye of the world because it's an organised attack, so organised that it arise through 10 places in less than 24 hours. This is an act of cowardice by the people who think they're doing this thing in the name of their religion. Indias' Manmohan Singh however accuse this as the act of external force. 

Huh. This put a shame on the Muslim world. Why must you go on and kill people and give the name of Islam? That really annoys me as 90% of us Muslims just wanna go on with our daily lives. We do not want to spread Islam by having war. That's so 15th century. Now the Muslim and Hindu world is cracking again and lets see what's going to happen next.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Floor Price at RM3.00

Hello, today FOMCA (Federation Of Malaysian Consumer Association) is proposing that the floor price for petrol (if going to be set by the Government) should be at RM3.00 per litre! My God that's ridiculous. Their reason for proposing such a silly stuff? So that consumer will use more public transport and watch their usage of fuel. Sheesh. Such a funny reason.

Firstly, even as we speak, consumer already are watching their consumption of fossil fuel. I am a consumer of gas now. I know. We are monitoring and hey, if you haven't notice, there's a global economic meltdown out there!! That is an enough reason for us to do what you want us to do! 

Secondly, usage of public transport. Why? Cheaper? I'll give you this okay. When you increase the price to RM3.00 per litre, everything will go up. Not just petrol, but chicken, cooking oil, bus fare, taxi fare, cement, so on and so forth. So to say that you'll save more when the price of petrol increase usage of public transportation increase, it's easy to tell that last night you had been drinking a lot.

Do not propose anything stupid and ridiculous, no matter how cool it seems to you. There are millions of people who will suffer just because you want to have your 15 minutes of fame. To me, the proposal for RM3.00 per litre as floor price is a proposal without thinking and study altogether. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Casper in Action

Okay, hello again. Since the middle age, ghost are common in humans' life. I often think, what is it with ghost that we're (some of us) afraid of? It really perplexed me when I got goosebumps all over my body during my nightly visit to the college toilet. They say that it really was haunted, and 'it' jumps from one toilet to another.

Before this, I was very2 sceptical about this mystical stuff. Huh. What to believe? A gas floating around and scaring peoples' head off? Then, one day I was knocked off my senses. I was attending a meeting organised by my seniors regarding our 'assignment'. We were suppose to get 10 of our seniors' signature. So we've finished it. And they wanna check who sent the papers already. One by one the name was called. Then the last name was called out. I still remember the name. 'Aizuddin Abdul Rahman!!!' Ten times the name was shouted. Nobody stood up. There is nobody with that name registered in our database. I can never forget the change of face of our seniors. 

We can't deny the existence of these supernatural being. But we musn't let that bring us down. Have faith in God and He will help you defend yourself against unwanted situation. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Surah Ar-Rahman : Verse 13

Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny? 

Maka nikmat Tuhan yang manakah yang kamu dustakan (wahai manusia dan jin)?

I leave you with the question I alone can't answer without feeling guilty.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mahathir Mohamad

I dunno why but I just like this picture. =) Oh ya, I got a letter of scholarship from JPA today! Sangatlah happy! he3

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Don't read if you're sick of me. =)

I just went back from Segamat this afternoon. You know what? It's quite sad. Why? I think because I was leaving a place which I hate a lot and then I came to like it there. It sounds stupid but that's the reality. And these past few days I had a lot of memories that I gatal2 nak buat sendiri. I went out with the girl I have a crush with and owkay.. As usual, I'll change to doormat mode. It's not that I don't try but I did. What to do. I'm just the guy who drives the car. 

Okay back to going back home. It was kinda sad and I was driving and having a friend at my side, so we talked. Talk? It was rather a crying session for him. This may be caused by the fact that he's leaving his beloved girlfriend. Aww... ha3 I'm the one who has to console him by saying all those cliche stuff.

If you love someone, let them go.
If they come back to you, then he/she is yours.
If they don't, they never was in the first place.

Meetings will end in departure. Get used to it.

You're so lucky you have someone who cries for you.
Me? I'll be six feet underground when that happens.

I'm not that good at giving advice so that's that lah. Then I went on rambling about this girl.. Then he went berzerk and give me one.

Why do you want to go on? She doesn't like you okay? Stop being stupid and go find other people. I think you'll lose your breath the time she has to slap you on the face to say 'I don't like you' for the 198767861269th time.

Sheesh, that alone is a slap on the face. So, this post is not a babble to gain symphaty or whatnot. But I just wanted to write this as a diary for my day today. I don't want to forget today. I really don't. 

Friday, November 14, 2008

I'll Stop

I've been going out to entertain her for how many days I can't remember. If only she knows how much I like her. It's a hard job to do when you're kinda oblivious to that person. I don't think I'll ever get the idea that she doesn't like me at all. I'll stop trying when everything is let out. I'll stop. 

Friday, November 7, 2008

I Still Do

I came across a poem sent to me by someone so dear to me once and still are. Hu3 but we've grown apart so whatever lah. By the way, here it goes.

No Matter Where You Go..
No Matter What You Do..
If We Grow Apart..
Or Come Closer Together..
If You Fall In Love.. 

And Forget All About Me.. 

Or If You Came To Hate Me.. 

I Want You To Know That 

I Will Always Love You.. 

And Always Be There For You.. 

No Matter Where Your Destiny Lies.. 

You Will Always Be My Friend.. 

And If Fate Tears Us Apart.. 

Always Remember That No Matter How Long 

It Has Been Since We Talked.. 

Or Why We Stopped Talking.. 

If Life Brings You Down.. 

I Will Always Be There For You.. 

You Can Call Me Anytime.. 

Anywhere.. I Will Listen To You.. 

I Wont Ever Judge You.. 

And Always Remember.. 

I Love You

Oh ya, I know what you think. It's over and I've accepted it. But I still think this is a great poem.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Check and Balance

Since early 2007, our country has been hit by serious flooding. Many lives were lost and loads of damage were seen. This is a serious issue as we are not that much of a wealthy country. This must be taken into account as everything needs money. 

When I watch Buletin Utama just now, I was kinda dissapointed with the effort made by government to tackle the issue. You see, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said that they have prepared a lot (read the NST or watch Nightline to get the full detail) if the flood hits our country. Okay, here's the deal. We're preparing millions of Ringgit to cure the problem that occur every year, and it keeps on happening over and over again. Why not we cure the cause of the problem? Do something about the floods! Not the damage done by it!

You can always deepened or widened the rivers, improve the drainage or whatever. Do anything, at least try to make it better. Don't you agree that we need to closed the pit rather than to avoid it? Maybe it's time that the government think rationally about this..