Saturday, December 27, 2008

Farewell 2008, 1429

I may be out of this blog for a while. About to start a new semester in a few days. Happy New Year. May God bless you, and blessing be upon us all. Ahlan Wasahlan 1430 Hijriah. I promise updating this blog would be my priority number 9. =)

Merci Me Amor..

How do you measure your loyalty actually? Well, till now I don't think you can do that. Scientifically, you can't. But by using your heart, and all those mushy stuff, you can actually feel the love.. Ha3 Okay, because I'm kinda in the mood to say thank you, I am going to list a few of my friends in a few stages of my life that I think deserve the credit.

Fifi Natasha

Juliza Hamzah

Fauzi Salamon

Farhan Rahaman

Ramdhan Wardhian

Syed Dhiyauddin Aslah

Lee Zhi Xin

Ang Wei Long

Lee Hong

Shawn Tan

Li Fang


Yanti Iswa

Aufa Uzir

Saadah Ismail

Ili Haya Ismail

Changed my life:

Tarmizi Ismail

Siti Sarah Nur Aiman 

Ghazi Alif

Artiah Haris

Siti Khadijah Hamizah

Thank you. At one point, till today, you guys are the best. Well after my parents la. =)

p/s; where your position are doesn't matter. When you're up there, you're number 1 to me.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Take On Something Your Own Size

Good evening, or whatever time it is that you're reading this. =) As many would know, I am relatively at the end of my teenage years. Therefore, my choices of television programme should comprise of Boston Legal, The OC, House, Doc Martin, etc etc. Believe it or not, those are my favourite shows. Oh ya, I do enjoy McLeods' Daughters too. But I do enjoy cartoons too. Yes, and I must say, I really adore Sylvester. Ha3 and Tom. They're the best antagonist you can ever get.

To me, they gave loads of moral values. Like Tom & Jerry, it shows that friendship is very important. If not, Jerry would be eaten a long time ago okayh. But because Tom thinks about his life-long frienship with Jerry, he lets the cunning mouse away. And that's not all. Like Kiteretsu, there is an episode where it tells you the history of marathon. It goes like this:

The name marathon comes from the legend of Pheidippides, a Greek messenger. The legend states that he was sent from the town of Marathon to Athens to announce that the Persians had been defeated in the Battle of Marathon. It is said that he ran the entire distance without stopping and burst into the assembly, exclaiming "Νενικήκαμεν" (Nenikékamen, 'We have won.') before collapsing and dying. The account of the run from Marathon to Athens first appears in Plutarch's On the Glory of Athens in the 1st century AD who quotes from Heraclides Ponticus's lost work, giving the runner's name as either Thersipus of Erchius or Eucles. Lucian of Samosata (2nd century AD) also gives the story but names the runner Philippides (not Pheidippides).

See, I told you it has a few benefits when you watch cartoons. So, it's not a sin to watch something that is kinda not suitable for your age. After all, besides internet, television is the next window to the world. Agree? Till then..

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Masjidku Syurgaku

Assalamualaikum. Semalam aku menonton Buletin Utama dan melihat reaksi Dato' Nik Aziz terhadap penolakan usul hukum hudud dilaksanakan di Malaysia, sekiranya Pakatan Rakyat memerintah. Aku tidak akan memberi apa2 komen tentang perkara tersebut. Ianya sesuatu yang amat sensitif dan padaku, ilmuku belum cukup untuk mempersoal penolakan usul tersebut.

Apa yang menarik perhatian aku sebenarnya ialah reaksi Dato' Nik Aziz sendiri. Beliau (beliau okay, bukan baginda!) membandingkan pelaksanaan hudud dengan kewajiban bersolat. Tetapi tampak perasaan marah di wajah beliau. Aku tertanya-tanya. Mengapa perlu beliau merasa marah? Bukankah beliau sendiri telah bersetuju untuk menjalin hubungan PAS dan DAP, dan apa2 keputusan perlu dipersetujui bersama?

Apakah beliau sudah nampak bahawa DAP dan PAS tidak mungkin dapat sehaluan? Apakah beliau sedar akan kesilapan jalinan PAS dan DAP pada pilihanraya yang lepas? Aku percaya bahawa beliau sudahpun menyesal dengan tindakan tersebut. Padaku, Dato' Nik Aziz hanyalah seorang ahli politik yang biasa. Apa yang membezakan beliau dengan yang lain ialah ilmu agama beliau agak tinggi.

Agak tinggi, berbanding ahli politik lain maksudku. Aku tidak suka cara beliau bercakap. Seolah-olah semua yang lain salah dan beliau sahaja yang betul. Ada sekali beliau mengkritik pembinaan masjid yang megah permai di Malaysia. Katanya, itu membazir. Terangkan kepada kami, adakah perbuatan Raja Abdullah (di Arab Saudi) adalah membazir untuk membelanjakan berbilion dolar untuk mengubahsuai seluruh Mekah? 

Ingatkah kita semua akan tanda2 kiamat sudah menghampiri? Salah satu daripadanya ialah rumah kediaman lebih indah daripada masjid. Mengapa itu tandanya? Jika rumah lebih selesa daripada masjid, maka orang akan lebih kerap bersolat di rumah berbanding di masjid. Bukankah bersolat di masjid wajib? Maka dengan demikian, mengikut firasatku, kerajaan cuba membuatkan masjid lebih selesa kepada rakyat, supaya lebih ramai yang akan bersolat di masjid.

Telah banyak masjid yang aku pernah singgah. Baik yang daif mahupun indah, di dalam negara mahupun luar. Namun, aku amat berbangga kerana di Malaysia, masih ada yang mengimarahkan rumah Allah. Di luar, ada yang hanya menggunakan bangunan lama untuk dijadikan tempat bersolat. Tidakkah kita bersyukur dengan apa yang diberikan kepada kita? 

Aku bukan apa, cuma mahu kita semua berfikir. Dato' Nik Aziz perlulah memperbaiki cara beliau berdakwah jika beliau mahu lebih ramai lagi yang melihat keindahan Islam. Sindiran tidak akan membawa siapa pun kemana-mana. Rasulullah berdakwah dengan penuh sabar, dan dengan muka yang sangat bersih mulia. Dimanakah dakwaan yang beliau mencontohi Rasulullah?

I love you,

but I love love even more,

so I let you go,

because to save it,

that is the only way I know.

A stupid poem. I dunno why but this came out of my dream. Seriously it does. I post it so I won't forget. Truly I need to find a new hobby.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Hold Your Horses

My friend said that guys usually looks at girl's face first before they look at anything else. Guys do not actually fall in love with the girls' personality but rather for their looks. Is that really true? If we guys look at peoples' face, a lot of ugly people will be bachelor till their death. Yes. To me, God made all His creations accordingly. There are a few of them which you can say 'special' but to me they are Gods' way of testing us. 

Back to the topic, men is not what gals always think about. We do not think about sex 24/7. 

OMG!! They don't??

Yes, we don't. We have loads of other things to think about. Come to think about it, 90% of my friends who thinks about getting married early are girls. Come on, besides sharing lives, what are marriage for? At this point of life and age, I don't think my friends think about commitment yet. We only think about the fun of getting married. So, who actually think about 'you-know-what' in the first place?

Therefore, as a response to my friends' statement just now, there are a few of us who are like that, and there are a few of the girls who are like that. Therefore, it is not anomaly. Normal for a teenage whose hormones are raging. Hey, even I had those times when I can't control myself. But not to THAT extent la. For the one who knows, knows. =)) 

Genius. No Other Words To Describe

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dance Is A Sin!

Oh ya, I've watched Buletin Utama just now and I've heard that PAS Youth in Penang had been demonstrating to protest the I-Dance in the state. I'm going to comment on that ion the most polite way I can. It's S-T-U-P-I-D. The reason? It can promote social ills. Ey, social ills, can be caused by many other things lah. It's dancing man! Okay say if it does, in any way, promote social ills, will they be marching here and there like morons protesting the opening of the dance school founded by Linda Jasmin

You can disagree my friend. But do not put on a demonstration for God sake! I hate the fact that they are protesting in that way. And they actually threatening to put on another demonstration. How stupid is that. Like Tan Sri Musa Hasan said, what kind of democrasy are you trying to impose here? No democrasy will be achieved by having street march and all. 

This is not politically motivated. Even if UMNO Youth are the ones who had done this, I would say the same thing. And right now, we should not do these kind of things. It would spread around and more people will do these demonstration stuff. We are not Africa or India or even Thailand, but signs are showing that we are turning into them.

Do I Want It?

As we had breakfast this morning, my dad asked me what do I want for my birthday. I answered 'I don't know'. Seriously, I don't know what I want. To me, right now I won't want to ask for anything. Usually, what we asked for would be the hardest to get. And it would mostly be the easiest to go away. So, stop asking and just wait for anything to come. If it is yours, it will not go anywhere but to your direction. Besides avoiding disappointment, it will create an element of surprise. Voila! Two for the price of one! ha3 

Its okay for you to want something. But to ask for it? I won't. Like just now, my sister gave me a Converse bag! I've been eyeing a few sling-bag, but like I said, i don't ask. To buy it myself, is slightly impossible. I'm surprisingly a cheapskate to myself. But I don't mind spending for other people. Come to think of it, I am weird. Hm..

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our Money Is Melting!!!

I went out this afternoon. I think I need a few hours out of the house. Yeah. Ha3 And I saw loads of people going in and out of the mall. And yesterday at KLCC, locals and foreigners alike are pouring Suria like floods at Kelantan during tengkujuh. When I saw these people, I began thinking. 

'The whole world is at a financial crisis, and still here we are.'

Well, it shows that Malaysia is not badly affected by the turmoil, really. If we are, we wouldn't be like that. I remember the great financial crisis of 1997. That is a good example of a meltdown. This time probably we are prepared. Most probably. 

In the US, all the banks usually will give loans based on the floating rate. This means that the interest rate will fluctuate up and down, according to the surrounding economy. As we know, the worlds' economy lately is not that good. Therefore, as the IMF and The Fed always agreed, the banks will increase the interest rate. Their objective is so that people will stop taking loans, and stop spending until the economy heals. Seems like a plan huh?

Well what about the current creditors? They're still paying for their loans. And when the interest rate increases, they pay a large sum of money only to cover for their interests. The principal is reduced by a miniscule amount. With that, creditors can't afford to pay their loans. This occurs around the whole of US and bad debt of billions of American Dollars were recorded. This is the reason that the world economy collapse. This is the start of the global financial turmoil. 

In 1997, Mahathir Mohamad thinks otherwise. He proposed that banks should lower the interest rate so that many would make loans. With that loans, they will generate the countrys' economy and it will keep on going. This act was condemned by the US as the undesirable. Look at what it brought us. We are one of the first in the world to arise from the great crisis of 1997. Now, the US is following the same as what Mahathir did. 

Monday, December 15, 2008

It's A Size 10!

This occured during the Presidents' farewell visit to Iraq. Well, I'd say I'm sorry for him. But he deserves it. He's the worst US President ever. He is the reason thousands were killed during and after the Iraq war. He should get that.

JOHOR BARU: Three members of a family and a van driver were killed in a horrific crash between a car, a van and a chemical tanker yesterday morning.

In the 9.30am incident which involved nine victims, Abdul Razak Mustapha, 25, sister, Muhaini, 22, and nephew Adib Rafiqi Adni, five, who travelled together in a Proton Wira were killed on the spot.

The van driver K. Kucheran, 47, died on the operating table at Sultan Ismail Hospital. All were believed to have died from severe head and body injuries.

The injured were Abdul Razak's brother Ulul Azmi, 18, sister Ruziah, 35, and her other son, three-year-old Adib Raqli. 

They were on their way to Muar to attend a wedding.
Two of Kucheran's colleagues in the van with him, S. Kumara and K. Surash, who are in their 40s, also sustained injuries.

Seri Alam district police chief Superintendent Roslan Zainuddin said the tanker driver, who was in his 30s, was currently being held under Section 41(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987 for alleged reckless driving. 

Roslan said the incident was believed to have taken place after the tanker driver, who was on his way from Johor Baru to Pasir Gudang, lost control of his vehicle and skidded into the opposite lane before crashing into the car and van.

He said it was also believed that the tanker had rammed into the van first before it hit the Proton Wira.

The dead and the injured were rushed to Sultan Ismail Hospital here, except for Adib Raqli who was admitted to Sultanah Aminah Hospital's intensive care unit.

This is the accident that I posted about yesterday. See how dangerous the highway is?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Reason To Live

Today was a bit adventurous for me. Still I'm driving. Ha3 But what I saw this morning was nothing to laugh about. I saw a truck in the middle of the road and a Rusa van with a smashed front. A man was lying on the road, presumably lifeless. And there are a few people that were trying to save this unconscious little boy. When I saw the boy, all the sympathy came gushing out of me. He will wake up being told that his father died, while he was still sleeping in the car. How will he go on with his life.

I am a bad driver. It's not that I don't know how to drive, it's because I do. I'm reckless. I admit that I have no patience when I'm behind the wheels. And at one point I am not afraid about the consequences of my doing. To me, if I die, I'll die. But now, for the sake of the people I love, I need to change. I realise now that it will affect other people too. 

Oh ya, during my supper (at 9 it's called supper right?), I drank this Toffee Nut Frappuccino. Cool drink. It kinda has every taste that you wanted in an ice blended. And while I was drinking, I saw this Iranian guy was praying while he was sitting down. In the middle of Starbucks, yeah that's weird to me. I've seen them done it on the plane, but in a cafe, it's my first time. It's not like the place does not provide a praying room. But hey, maybe the guy doesn't know. Who knows. 

Tommorrow InsyaAllah I'm going to the museum and eat kacang pol, whatever that is. I'm very excited. Ha3 don't know why. Well I know why but not sure if it's going to last. I'm determined to live the moment. =))

Yes, it's for you Sweetheart

I have a sleeping problem. Insomnia probably. When I'm awake, it's so hard to put me to bed. So when I'm asleep, it's a very precious one. It's okay to wake me up, but make sure it's really important!! Urgh! And if it's not important can you make it a polite one?? I don't mind exchanging text with you if you don't keep on cursing the shit out of me!! So, next time, lets not exchange curse with each other ok? Coz if we do, I'll make sure mine is raining on you like a freaking hailstorm. 

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Stood Still

I went to see The Day The Earth Stood Still. It was quite a movie. Long have I not watched a movie that can make the whole hall quite. Its' storyline was not that extravagant but the thrill of having some kind of humanoid thingy threatening us humans that they will wipe us off the face of the Earth. As usual, Keanu Reeves is the feelingless guy who cares only a little about the human race. To know more, watch the movie okey?

Right now, my head is numb. Seriously, numb. Like your feet does when you're sitting down for too long. I dunno why it's like this. Maybe I'm just too tired and lack of sleep. But I can't just let everything go and doze off. There are things to do and places to go. I'm online because I just need to write something. I know, stupid but I just felt the need to write something. 

Sometimes, we just need to let go. I let go. I just have to. Because no one cares.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


A friend once and forever will tell me, 'Jangan beriyer sangat bercinta'. Well, if you don't put your heart to it, how on Earth did people get married? Sex? I don't think it's all about sex. It's not that you're going to do that all the time. It has to be love. The reason the institution of marriage was established is because the chemical reaction that occurs inside your body. In layman terms, amour.

So when you're not 'beriyer bercinta', how do you really trust your partner? That's the problem, you don't in the first place. Whereas the really base of marriage is trust. So it's really important for you to really know and trust your partner before you go on to the next phase. The ultimate phase. 

I do get jealous when I see my friend go out as two happy lovebirds, very happy lovebirds. I do envy those people who says they have met their soulmate at a very young age. But I also do feel happy to see that they learning their lovers' heart, which is very important. It makes me think that it too can happen to me. 

'Remember, everyone deserve to have even a pinch of happiness.'


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Ultimate Cliche

   Things Are Just Not Meant To Be

Monday, December 8, 2008

Lets Get the Show On the Road

Okay, this is a story about Pasir Gudang Highway. Arrrghh!!! Ha3 I wrote it in red because it's such a horrendous place for you to drive. It's dangerous, scary, lots of holes everywhere and lots of lorry. The first time I drive using the Pasir Gudang highway, I was on my own. It was unplanned actually. I was trapped and it's the only way I can get back home. So, I use it. And look at me, still alive.

It's because Pasir Gudang Highway is dangerous for motorcyclist. Well, cars too but I guess I'm a damn good driver. Ha3 when you ride a bike on that highway, your possibilty to be involved in an accident will be 96.32%. For cars, 84.55%. Lorries' are 67.10%. These statistics were given to me by IRDA (Iskandar Regional Development Authority). Don't bother looking for them, it's classified. ;D

One day while I was going back from school, I was stuck in a traffic jam, a minor one. I thought it was like any jams on the Pasir Gudang Highway. Turned out it was, but this time I got to see first hand on the cause of the jam. There was this motorcyclist on the road, half of his body was cut and thrown somewhere else, and his liver (I think liver la) was on the road. I can't forget the scene till today.

Cars had their shares too. I've seen more of road accident on that higway in a day rather than on PLUS in a year. Well, all I can say, if you're driving using the Pasir Gudang Highway, just becareful. And to those who's not from around here, don't be too shocked to see the 'beauty' of our beloved highway.

Oh ya, IRDA has worked with JKR to construct a new highway (Coastal Highway) to help reduce the congested Pasir Gudang Highway.


Fuh, just now my uncle and his  family went back home to Banting. Entertaining them was tiring, but fun. Yeah, we had fun. During their visit, I brought them to every place that I thought would be meaningful and memorable. I brought my cousins to Toys 'R' Us, and to anywhere they wanted to go. 

Well, it's safe to say that even though my grandmother is sick, their burden of worrying would be a little bit lifted. I hope. Sheesh I'm going to miss them. But hey, they're going to come back again in a few weeks, so it's okay lah kot. As many would know, I'm not a fan of saying goodbyes. So I won't say goodbye, but see you again.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bukit Antarabangsa Landslide

It has come to my attention that 5 people (according to current update) died yesterday following the tragedy that hits Bukit Antarabangsa. What happen was really devastating. All we can do is to pray for the victims and hope this will never reoccur. 

'Tragedy is a tool for the living to gain wisdom,
not a guide by which to live'

Robert Francis Kennedy

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Missing Ones

This is an urban legend told by my cousin. It's kinda creepy. Ha3 I dunno how to write it in an essay form but here goes nothing.

Alya was a bright student. She scored fantastically in all her exams. Even the teachers were impressed by her phenomenal achievements. She was expected to score straight A's for her SPM and she did. As medic was her first love, she chose that path even though her father insisted that she took law. 

She had filled all the application form and everything that is needed to do. She was very sure that she will get the scholarship and all. But fate was written, she didn't pass the interview. It seems that for every interview she went, she will be stuck at the same level. Cruel right?

But she accept it and just go to a local varsity. The course? Medic of course. On one fine day, she got a very sad news that one of her relatives' house was hit by a landslide. It seems that no bodies were found as the house was destroyed completely. The family was so devastated by the tragedy that nobody ever talked about it. It's even harder to cope with it because there are no grave to visit.

Years had passed, and Alya is now on her final year. She had an assignment to do, which is to bisect a human body. She teamed with her bestfriend, Liyana who was a chicken. Alya always teased her by saying that the assignment would be an experience which she (Liyana) should go thru in order to be a lot braver. She was really excited about this one actually. He3 I wonder why.

The D-Day came, and she prepared everything for the bisection stuff, I don't know because I'm a business student. Tthe body was placed on the operating table and it was still covered with a kind of cloth. Liyana was very white, almost as white as the body's. Alya was giggling to death when she saw her partner. Then their lecturer instructed them to uncover the bodies, and they did. When Alya saw their specimen, she felt a gush of wave going thru her body and fell. She fainted on the floor.

Why? The body that Alya and Liyana was supposed to bisect was of her own uncles'. And all the bodies of Alyas' missing relatives were on the other operating tables. It seems that when their bodies were found, nobody went to claim them. Therefore, they were sent to the university as a stock.

Fact, or fiction? I give that to you to decide.

Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm Loving It

Hari ini aku amat bersemangat untuk menulis. Entah kenapa, aku berkobar-kobar menekan papan kekunci yang taklah berapa selesa ni. Oh ya, aku baru je balik dari berjalan dengan adik sedara aku yang amatlah kerdil (ok mungkin tak sangat) pergi ke Jusco Tebrau City. Aduhai, pada mulanya cuma nak tengok2 je, tapi akhirnya terpaksa juga membeli sesuatu untuk dia. Ha3 percaye ok, tak senang untuk meyakinkan budak 5 tahun yang kau tak mampu belikan dia sebuah set lengkap patung Ultraman.

Kemudian kami pergi ke McDonald's. Sekali lagi aku terperangkap! 'Happy Meal nak nugget' Okay.. Sampai di meja, 'Mana burger? Kite nak nugget dengan burger' Ha3 penat juga melayan budak ni kan. Tapi aku tak kisah, asalkan dia tersenyum. Kesian dia, baru 2 minggu lepas eksiden basikal sampai sebahagian depan kepala pecah. Sebab tu aku tak kisah habiskan duit, asalkan dia seronok. 

Balik rumah, semua tanya pergi ke mana. Dia menjawab penuh keriangan. Itu cukup untuk membuat aku tersenyum. 

Oh ya, I wrote in Malay this time for a change. It's kinda funny but hey, I've not written anything in Malay since SPM. This is a good try right? 

Seatbelts Save Lives

While I was driving, my cousin told my sister that they need to wear rear seatbelts. I asked her wether it has been enforced or not. She said it's going to be on the 1st of January, but they need to get used to it early. Don't you think the enforcement of this rule (or law?) has a flaw in it? 

Think about it, there are three seatbelts at the back of every normal sedan. What if there are more than three passengers at the back? The police responded to this question with this. 'Well we cannot do anything about that, but the driver can be compounded for overloading. 

What about the big family which the parents cannot afford big cars? What about the concept of car-pooling? It is a good thing that they are enforcing the law, but still, to me they did not do any research before making a statement. 

Bridge of Hope

We have to accept, whatever race we are, that we are living in a multiracial nation. Therefore, we are exposed to a lot of culture. First we have the religious ones that nobody can meddle into, and then there are racial culture, which everyone can enjoy and of course, the foods. These are the things that made us unique. Most of the countries around us can just dream to have a place like Malaysia.
In the US, the racial barrier was said to be broken, really broken with the rise of Barrack Obama. He is said to bring a change in the political phenomena where the Americans see beyond skin, beyond race and go for the credibility of the candidate. Actually, look at us Malaysians. We are much better than the Americans in that sense. Why? 

  1. Tunku Abdul Rahman has a Siamese blood.
  2. Tun Hussein Onn was a descendant of an Arabic family.
  3. Tun Dr Mahathir was of half-Indian origin.
There you go. But what happen now? There are fights even between races to gain power. Where are our spirit of unity? If we care about the Rakyat, step aside from the differences and work together to build the nation. Do not try to bring down the other one so that we can get up. 

This applies to every aspect of our lives. To go up the ladder of success is not by killing everyone but by helping each other. We are a great country. We can do better if we do it hand in hand.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stupid Diary for Today

Today I went to Jusco Taman Universiti with Adibah. She told me that she needs to 'see the world' so I thought I can do her a favor and drive her around and bring her to lunch. Well, she's my friend. I'll try to make everyone feel happy. Especially my friend. Try. But it's impossible I know. So all I can do is, try.

We went to the bookstore and then the retail shop and then to KFC. While we were there, stories upon stories came out as we haven't got a chance to meet in how many weeks. So all about my studies, hers', her boyfriend, even my holidays which is not that fun. Ha3 Seriously, that's the first time I think I had fun since the beginning of the holidays. 

Then we went to Giant and then after going round the market, I sent her home. After that I realise how lonely I felt, because it's not cool to not be around friends that's dear to you. Hm.. Ha3 so I decided to call my friends and talk to them instead.

Then at 9pm I texted her to wish her good luck for her final paper tomorrow. She replied saying she was waiting for her boyfriend to wish her. So I texted her boyfriend and he was like 'owh dude, thanks!' He's so kind that he didn't punch me in the stomach. Ha3 well that's another story. Then Adibah texted me saying 'I love him!! Ingat pun dia nak text orang' 

When the people dear to you felt happy, you'll feel happy too. Trust me. It's true. That is why I'll do my best to make people feel happy, coz at the same time, happiness seeps in too.