Friday, July 31, 2009

Blessing In Disguise

Good day.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Diriwayatkan dari Abu Hurairah r.a bahawa Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda, "Untuk setiap musibah, penyakit, keresahan, kesedihan, atau kesakitan yang menimpa seorang Muslim, hatta luka yang disebabkan tertusuk duri, Allah akan menghapuskan dosa-dosanya."

Diriwayatkan juga dari Abu Hurairah r.a bahawa Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda, "Apabila Allah menghendaki kebaikan ke atas seseorang, Dia akan mengujinya dengan kesulitan."

Suhaib bin Sinan r.a meriwayatkan bahawa Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda, "Betapa ajaibnya seorang Mukmin! Kebaikan itu sentiasa bersamanya, tetapi ianya tidak berlaku pada orang lain kecuali kepada seorang Mukmin. Apabila ia mendapat kebaikan, ia bersyukur kepada Allah dan memperoleh ganjaran, dan apabila ia ditimpa musibah, ia menahannya dengan penuh sabar lalu ia (juga) akan memperoleh ganjarannya.

See, the moral is, be patient with what Allah gives you. Because it is His way of forgiving us for our past mistakes. Somehow, it gives us hope when you read these. Imagine, these are only three materials. There's a whole book called Al Quran and another called As Sunnah to read. I'd ask you to read but I myself forgot to read them myself. Therefore, marilah kita ingat mengingat okayh! Till next time..

p/s; I don't have the english version for the hadith. Sorry. BM pun jadilah yeah. =)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Praise The Lord For This Child

Good day. I've just heard from my mum that a student from my former school (TiJB) is currently in critical condition. He had a fructured liver or something as an effect of an accident that occured yesterday. His physical being seemed fine, but internally he's screwed. I was actually about to feel sad for this kid but then I heard the next info. He used his friend's bike to go to Uda or somewhere. He's riding without a license. See the connection? No license - riding bike - sharp corner - liver fracture.

Kids nowadays, they don't understand why we (ceh macam dah jadi bapak orang) don't allow them to do stuff. They thought that we're barring them from exercising their rights. They thought that we don't understand their young spirit, their youthful enthusiasm. They forgot that everyone experience youth, experience childhood and teenage life. That is why we discourage them from doing all those stunts, getting all those scars.

But no. These kids, especially the ones after 1995, go on a rebel. Run away from home, shout at the parents, stay locked up inside the room sampai orang semua ingat dah mati agaknye budak ni. These are all stupid stuff. Because parents don't have the energy to argue with the kids, they just let them do what they want to do. This way, they save energy by shutting up, and they'll be awarded Nickelodeon's Coolest Parent Of The Year. Sweet huh?

The problem is, kids don't have developed brains. So, their actions are done solely by referring to their heart. If it says jump off a cliff, the mind would say 'Hell yeah!'. What happens next? Accidents, death, or even worse, lifelong disability. Yes, part of learning process is through experience but will you take the chance of having your kid lying on the ground, breathing his last breath just because you want them to learn how to ride a bike?

In China, there is a school that they named 'Walking School' that are established for one reason. To reeducate troubled children. These kids, they're rude, insolent (okay redundant definition) don't respect they're parents, suicidal, and all the things that can't imagine, they have it. While in the Brat Camp, they're forced to walk all over China, spanning almost a thousand kilometers. They learn history, geography, and whatever they can throughout the journey. In the end, they appreciate what they have, which is their family.

Do you want that in Malaysia? I don't think we can. Because we're still practising the concept of honouring the child as God's gift. Yes, they are. But Rasulullah said if they don't perform solat when they're 7, cane them. Punishment is vital when the child is uncontrollable. Strictness is important so that they know we're serious when we are. But janganlah gila nak suruh amik air segelas pun pegi bantai budak tu.. Things done must have reasons and objective.. Bukan ikut perasaan..

Come to think of it, I do feel sad for the kid. I mean, if he died, or maybe having permanent disabilities, his life would end just like that, at a very young age. But let this be a lesson to all of us. Whatever given to the kids, are privileges, not rights. They must know the limit, and they must know the reason we discourage them from doing the things their youthful spirit want to do. Allah is up there watching. Judgement day is not that far away mind you.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Over I Tell You!

Hello. Ever wonder why do we need to fall in love? If we look back, love had nothing to do with the world's development, nor does it shape any civilisation. But somehow it is considered as one of the most powerful forces in the world. Funny, huh? You can't see it, you can't measure it, you can't touch it. And yet the toughest of the tough bow down to it, everytime it lashes it's fury. I just can't seem to figure out why is this happening.

Throughout the history of literature, many great authors are drawn to write about love. For Tolkien, he wrote about the love story between Aragorn and Arwen. Austen wrote many, of which the most significant was of Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. And who could ever forget, the noblest of love between Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. Not only that, the Hindu epic of Rama and Sita depicts the love which broke the barrier of mortality.

See, how the world was actually moved by this thing called love? Okay, somehow I see that I had just made my point. Okay, the reason that I write this post is that many of my friends are just in this kind of problem right this moment. For those who had been in love with their boyfriend/girlfriend since, say high school, this might be the moment (in university okayh?) where the relationship might get rocky. What to do? Distance is just not the thing to have when having a relationship.

However strong your feelings are towards your 'other half', you will in a way find that it's difficult to keep going when he/she is not around. Insecurity will set in, doubts came pouring as the dam of trust had exploded, and eventually, a third person will appear. It doesn't matter who he/she (the third person) is, we're now feeling that we're being cheated. All those promised trusts now are just words. You know as they say, promises were meant to be broken.

Then there would be fights. Calls upon calls, text upon text, tears are just our friends. And then it all stopped. No calls. No text. But the tears are still there. Kaya lah Kleenex. Before we know it, grades are falling like comet shower on a bright sunday night. We preferred to be alone, avoiding friends and family. If they ask, the usual answer would be 'I'm alright. Don't worry so much about me'. Macam lah diorang baru kenal 3 jam.

And then came the final text. Or call. 'It's over' Boom! Everything had just ended, including our life. Aspirins would be the answer. Or maybe a knife? Who's there to stop us? Then we should, I must emphasize 'should remember that we still have a God' that can help us. The next thing to do is to ask Him for forgiveness. See, everything happen for a reason. If the relationship does not work out, there must be something wrong in the relationship that Tuhan tak suka.

I am not saying I'm soooo good at this that I'd give a lecture about it this evening. But I'm telling this as a reminder to myself, as well as to my friends, and those of you who experience the same thing. I never said it was easy. But you have to do it somehow. It took me many months to get over it, and I'm still not sure if I did. But I'm trying. And so must you.

You have to think about it. Until when do you want to suck in to your sadness? Till you're dead? Hell no. There are over 6 billion people out there in the world. Why do you want to go to the one that does not even want you in the first place? Have some self respect people. You're worth more than what you think.

This might not help, but at least, think about what I've said. If God wants you to be happy, then you will. If not, it's not your time yet. Hold on to that principle, and you'll go on with your life I promise you.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Farewell, Dear Lady

Yasmin Ahmad

1958 - 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sampai Juga Ia Ke Sini

UiTM Johor has been closed today. What luck. I've been hoping that nothing can penetrate this thick and lush greenery of Segamat, bur it seems that we too are weak. Nevertheless, we have to bow down to whatever He has brought for us. Well, if you think about it, I'm okay with it. Ha3 Cuti weh, enjoy ar! Bye2 Segamat!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Oh My, Why Was I?

Hello. My part one roommate has been asked by his lecturer, why were we born Muslims? At first, I really don't know what to say. I simply went blank. How to answer that question? Sometimes, there are question that you're not suppose to ask. Coz that you'll never get the answer. How many effort be put, you'll never get it. I hate that kind of question. But at the same time, I always think of them.

What happens after mahsyar?

How long is forever in heaven or hell?

Can we ask for anything in heaven? I mean, everything?

Would there be a substitute after the human race?

These are the questions I had in mind. I don't want to know the answers now. To me, I'll just wait and see. But for the question at the first paragraph of this post, I came out with this. Allah has created everyone equal. A newborn baby is like a white cloth. It is up to the parents to colour the cloth, designing them. How we are right now is the effect of what our parents had shape us.

To me, it is not a matter of why were we born Muslims, but how were we taught to maintain the lifestyle of a Muslim. Islam is not just on your name. Bearing it would bring a significant responsibility, which is to depict a good image of a very noble lifestyle, a grand religion.

H1N1 Really Affect The Tourism Sector

H1N1 is becoming very mischievous lately. 4 UiTM campuses has been closed due to the infections these students are catching. We don't know yet whether Johore's will be soon enough, but I sure hope that this campus will not be closed. I hate substitute classes. So, pray to God that we're being hindered from those stuff. (betul ke ayat aku neh?)

This afternoon's class was quite dull. Dr Syed Omar called Biha and Dayang to come in front and present their topics. Then came along Del and Hana. They called Pinky and Arif followed by Afiq and I. He made it as if we're fighting against each other, comparing which class has the best group. Ha3 ok2 I take it back. His class was interesting. But to some, it's a good sleeping pill.

Malam ni Prof Kamil buat solat hajat. Elak H1N1. Kat P.I. Datang yeah!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Hate, So I Kill

Hello. I've been busy lately, I mean, very, busy. So that explains the lack of update. Sorry. But I've watched the news which reported Jakarta being attacked by JI. Jemaah Islamiyah. Shame be put to the Muslim society, again. I am very disappointed with this act of violence. Whatever it is, you are still promoting killings and destruction my friends. Does Islam really taught you that? I will answer it myself, no!

Yes, it is true that over history, there are many episodes where we see that Muslims are oppressed, but even our Prophet Muhammad does not allow us to pay blood with blood. I remembered the story where someone was calling Rasulullah, and then snapping the turban or the collar of his shirt. The effect of this was that there were marks on Rasulullah's neck. One of the sahabat was about to beat the guy but Rasulullah forbade him from doing so.

What does this shows us? That even Rasulullah does not want to put harm on anyone. Not even the ones that are his enemies. But what are we doing now? Bombing London, Bali, Jakarta, so on and so forth. When will this end? What's next I must ask you extremist. I don't understand what's in your mind. You have to have the compassion towards human being, then only Allah bless every breath you take. Itu pun kalau Dia redha lah.

The JI's objective to make this Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei as some sort of Islam Nation thingy will never succeed with violence. We are the people of peace. I hope so. Please, do not tarnish the image of Islam by showing your act of 'jihad'. Clearly you need to read the Quran more. I'm not pious but I know the difference between jihad and stupidity.

p/s; Oh ya, congratulation to UiTM Vice Chancellor, Dato' Seri Prof Dr. Ibrahim Abu Shah (now Tan Sri) for the bestowing of the Panglima Setia Mahkota by His Majesty Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin. You deserve it.

Friday, July 17, 2009

My advice to anyone. Becareful of whatever stuff you do inside and outside the boundary of technology. Don't be stupid.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stupidity Was Never Gender Biased

Hello. I've no idea what to write actually. I've loads to tell but not right here. I suppose that I'm a kind of guy who would just put something behind if I don't think it's suitable to be written. But, I am the kind of guy who says what I think. So there is no possibilities of me talking back, as long as you are man enough to say what's in your mind to me. Yup. Right on my face.

I've been through a lot this week. I mean, ups and downs. But the ups foreshadows the stupid downs. Started off with a dull Monday, I looked up to the next day which is the MPKP. Majlis Pengenalan Kelab dan Persatuan. I saw loads of part 1 students being so innocent, signing up to three to four clubs just because we told them to do so. Ha3 fun dowh kenakan budak2 nih. Now I know how my seniors felt when they forced us to join them.

Then I got to know that one of my group mate is not satisfied with the way I work with him. Come on, that's how I function, who are you to force me to follow your way? You are the one who wanted to be a part of us, so just follow with the flow. Copernicus just called okay. The universe does not revolve around you. The thing that I'm not happy with is the fact that he talked about me behind my back. But I am professional. If he speaks up, then I'll confront him. If not, life goes on as usual.

Just now, I went back from ELS board meeting. Very informal. I like. Ha3 I turned out being EXCO for Protocol along with Nissa Jamal and some girl labelled as Fatimah. We don't know her name. Tu la, sape suruh balik cepat. He3 sorry. Muka aku nampak protokol sangat kah?? Serabai de ar. Anyhow, Nissa and I are supposed to be the MC for next week's ELS AGM. We'll see.

So, I'm going to watch HP this Saturday with my sis. Probably somebody will tag along but I kinda doubt it. Tu yang senang jadi single. Ha3 no need to pay for anyone. Save!! Well, what I'm trying to say is, life is great. I managed to grasp the idea that if we chill, then everything will come into place. Thank you God. Thank you so much.

Harry's Coming To Japan!

I need a girlfriend. Anyone interested or maybe want to kick my head because of your unhappiness with me, please contact me at my email. =) Or maybe you would just want to curse me. Ha3 these are the things I would say whenever I'm bored or something. I've finished my assignments, and now I can't sleep. I need to be doing something actually. I hate the fact that I can't watch Harry Potter tomorrow. Well, I still can watch it Saturday. Let me rephrase that. I'm going to watch it on Saturday. Ha3

See, I'm thrilled! That's why I need a girlfriend ASAP! Harry has Ginny now. So I can't just watch him. Right?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Peace Is Just 5 Minutes Walk Away

Hello. Just got back from Dewan Sri Temenggong. Woa, it's a sight for sore eyes I tell you. Tak menyesal ouh turun. Sejuk hati ni duduk kat Segamat. Ha3 yeah but I don't think it would do me any good. Or does it? Well, I dont intend to write that long for tonight. But I had to say, I really was stressed out the first day I arrived at Segamat this semester. Seriously, I was thinking of ditching every class the whole week so that I could go back home. But as the days pass, I started to find peace.

How? Ha mesti orang ketawa ke hape dengar explanation kali ni kan. By going to the mosque. I totally feel the pain ease off by going there. Maybe it's because of the fact that SR is freaking hot and the place is recently installed with loads of aircon. What makes me more enthusiastic is that everytime I was there, it will be filled by at least 40 people. Takdelah rasa sunyi when I performed Zohor or Asar. In these three semesters I've been here, I've never saw that place being so crowded without any events. My compliment to Dr. Kamil Ibrahim for the success.

He (Dr. Kamil) has been trying a lot of stuff to have that kind of jemaah. Right from serving food for berbuka, till the point where he spent money to install air conditioners and even speakers that allows the azan to be heard till SAB (maybe lah kot). The last known effort was actually the kursus pemantapan Ibadah. It resulted with the crowd at the mosque. With the current condition of the place where it is extremely condusive for anyone to perform solat, I don't see why the students don't want to go there at least 3 times a day.

Yang penting adalah kita mencuba. Ikhlas merupakan suatu aspek yang amat penting dalam Ibadah. Ya. Tetapi, kita tidak boleh menyalahkan sesiapa hanya kerana mereka pergi ke masjid untuk merasakan kedinginan pendingin hawa yang terdapat di situ. Ini adalah kerana dari keadaan yang kondusif tersebutlah, datang keikhlasan untuk melakukan ibadah dalam keadaan yang selesa. Jangan peduli kritikan orang ramai yang mempersoalkan niat kita ke sana. Hanya Allah yang berhak menilai apa yang tersirat, mahupun tersurat.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bridge To Other World

I've been reading this entry by EkYn, and I think it's wonderful. If you have the time, do drop by to read it.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Victor For Bahasa

Hello. Don't you think it's stupid to revert the PPSMI policy? I mean it's utter foolishness. Downright silly. Simply moronic. Why in the name of God do we elect those to represent us, when they in return lead us back to the pit of stupidity? I was very dissapointed to hear the abolishment of PPSMI. Now they have to figure out how to put English's extra time inside the already-crammed school hours. When this happen, Sasterawan Negara A Samad Said wants more allocation for Bahasa Melayu's. What's next? A whole school of Bahasa?

Students of UiTM had to obtain their education in English. Struggling as they might be, these students excel. They get good grades. For those who does study lah kan. That means, language was never a problem, when you try. This is not the first time we had done it. But it seems that everyone thinks Bahasa would extinct if we keep on learning something in English. I had to respect their decision. Who am I to say anything.

Tahniah saya ucapkan kepada pejuang-pejuang bangsa dan Bahasa Melayu. Perjuangan anda hampir selesai. Mari kita sama-sama membuat saingan sihat antara Bahasa Melayu dan Bahasa Inggeris dengan membunuh pesaing kita. Bukankah itu cara kita selama ini? Bukankah itu yang kita impikan selama ini, menang tanpa bertanding?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Do You Remember?

Do you remember when we walked along the beach, thinking what will happen when we get back home? We went on to see the sunrise, thinking today's would not be the same view as tomorrow's. Little did we know, that what's ahead is so complicated. If given a chance, I would never want to have that talk. If given a chance, I would never ask you out for that walk.

Do you remember the moment we sit upon the rocky edge at the beachfront, you told me to close my eyes. You told me to listen to the wind. I never did understand your reason for telling me all those stuff about having a garden full of flowers. But I do find it funny when you told me, if we go on and swim straight from that very beach, we would find Hawaii.

Do you remember that when the sun is already half the way, you stood up, pulling me along. You hate being late, you told me. You hate the fact that everything has to end. You hate the fact that time is never on our side. You hate the fact that you can never get everything you want. But you love the fact that on that morning, your wish had came true. If only I knew what's on your mind,

Do you remember when we walked past Ringo's Petshop, you told me you wanted a kitten when we get back home. I had a tough time telling you I can't have one at my place, as you wanted two, one for me and another for you. I don't like it when you do that. When you kept quiet, forcing me to guess what's going on. When you ignore whatever I say, whatever I do.

Do you remember on the plane, we sit next to each other. The only reason we did that was because we know, that after this, things would be different. Don't be naughty, you said. Till today that sentence sends shiver down my spine. I never wanted to land. But somehow, as we did, reality checks in. We're heading to our own different lives. Why would we ever bother, when we don't even want to remember.

That's what happen when you're thousands and thousands of miles away from home, and your feet are just not on the ground.