Wednesday, April 29, 2009

After You Ma'm

I seriously need to overcome some of my phobia. Just now, I was driving towards Taman Pasir Putih's mosque because beside it is a fruit stall. I usually drive with full focus towards the traffic ahead. But this time, I was struck by the fact that there is a HUGE spider at the windshield. I was so flabbergasted that I can't even concentrate on the road. But, since that I was driving, I had to keep my composure. Sheesh, I can't tell you how horrifying it is. Yeah, I have a phobia of creepy-crawlies. Eeikh! Stupid insects.

Lucky it was a spider. If it's a cockroach, sumpah aku brenti tengah jalan suruh orang lain bawak kereta tu! I just plain hate them. Pure evil those things are. If they are good, then why do they last for thousands of years, surviving the catastrophe that had killed the dinosaur? I'd rather die than choosing a path full of insects. 

Oh ya, I just watched Jane Austen Book Club this afternoon. A good story. Not Shakespeare but, quite decent la. That's one thing I like about Americans. They read. And they discuss about what they read. Why can't we emulate that kind of culture here? Because we don't even read! I myself didn't acquire that habit prior the tenth year of my life. But when I read my first novel, Isabella, I learnt the beauty of literature. 

Yeah. Rowling, Brown, Albom, Tolkien, Elliot, Koomson. Those are my favourites. Somehow I have a thing for British authors. But not their movies though. They have weird taste when it comes to the screen. And now, I'm trying to find time to read Jane Austen. I've watched Pride and Prejudice but somehow I'm attracted to her ways of creating the plot, so complicated that Austen herself didn't realise she did it. All I know, Mr Darcy would have to wait till I finish my BEL260 this coming 10th. 

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rise Jalur Gemilang

I've been watching Malaysian politics since 1999. From then, I see many transformation of the political game played by the, well, politician. But the trends of the fans are still the same. I would wanna say, do not be obsessed. Don't let it cloud your judgement. Think carefully. You know God is watching. I love my country. Please don't bring it down. 

From One End To The Other

Hey there! This is my 100th post! wee.. Yeah and I'm here to say, I hate spoilt brats. I hate those kids who has loads of money and don't know where else to spend theirs. And yet, they resorted to spending their parents'! 

Sheesh. I gotta stop hating myself. Ha3 ;p

I went to Pavilion yesterday and see that teenagers love to hang there. I don't see the point. It's damn expensive to even look at the watches there. I mean, it's not everyday you see a guy with a rifle inside a watch boutique but hey, it's Chopard. My dad's driver (chauffeur is not a kind word) said he'd rather go and buy a house than buying a piece of watch, THAT piece of watch. He's got a point there. I mean, you still can look at the time with a Tissot right? So why bother? 

See, this is a time of desperation. Save your money. Spend wisely. I'm not saying don't spend at all. But if you must, just do so with what you have. Leave some! Don't spend all! Do not expect that you will get more next month. Chances are you'll get none. Like I said before, you're here only once. Enjoy while you can. To my friends, good luck!

p/s; I'm waiting for Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For The Love Of My Country

Hey there. I've been ignoring this space for quite some time now. I have loads to say but I don't think it's appropriate for me to write it. No no, it's not political but rather close to heart. Seems that the most sensitive of issues are not about race or even the economy, but family ties. I feel that families nowadays are not like how they should be. Look at those of the yesteryear's. Dinner would mean that everyone is at the table eating the same food, cooked by the mother. Now, the Dad is at the hall watching baseball with a box of pizza, kids are out eating Big Mac, Mom is just freaked out with the spare tires, so she's not eating. Yeah. Not in my family thank God for that.

That's about it people. We can say whatever we want but that's the reality. See, no one is eating out at Wendy's as a family no more. Well, we can't lah kan. The only Wendy's with Halal logo I found was in KL. Oooh, big surprise. What I'm saying is, families are falling apart people. Do something about it. Watch TV together, have dinner at the same table at the same time in the same room, and actually have a real conversation, not a conference. It's not wrong to watch movies too you know, as a family. Before you regret anything, better grasp what you have right now.

Okay, moving on. I watched Outsourced, a movie about a guy going to India and blah blah blah. He had to work there. And at first, he had a very hard time adapting to the place. Imagine, you're at the heart of Manhattan in a minute, and the next you're in a massive traffic jam in Gharapuri. Well it's kinda the same but, yeah you know what's what. One day, he was craving for cheeseburger so he went all the way to Mumbai. Turn out, the chance to find a cheeseburger in the whole of India is a billion to one. Ha3 get it? 'A Billion' to one! 

I've had that feeling before. You know when you want something from your hometown but you can't have it. At last you just have to settle for fish and chips, or maybe fillet o' fish. Not really Malaysian huh. Well yeah, you always had your usuals for breakfast and suddenly it's french toast and egg! Oh ya, that is my usuals but like I said, it's never the same like when you're at home. Huh, everything is about food . ;p But really, food is always a problem when you're abroad. I don't care about people relating my name to a jihadist from Iraq, I was worried that I might slim down!

Okay, the thing I'm trying to say is, 

Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, don't forget where your hometown is. I'm sure that one day, you'll miss what's here. I've heard people saying they're dream would be going to London, Egypt, Paris and the list goes on. I would just smile. He3 Because I know, they will be missing their Roti Canai the minute they step their foot at Heathrow.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I Say, What Have You Done?

Everyone has the right to do anything. That's why SUHAKAM was established. To protect the rights of the people. But when we violate the rights of other people, our freedom of right suddenly vanished. That's how it's suppose to be. No matter what we do, we are actually bound by the thing that is named 'The Rule'. Don't tell me it's your right to hit a person just because it is a free country. Tell me, does the guy has the right to do the same to you? The answer is, of course. He has the same amount of rights as you disregarding his place in the society.

Okay now, moving on to another stuff that I really want to talk about. Why is sex such a taboo? Back in the 90s when I was growing up, the word naked itself is a terrifying word. No one wants to say anything about sex. I understand that it should be treated the other way. Students should be taught about it as a part of education. Yes, education. But when do you cross the line between education and immorality? Well, it's obvious right? When it comes to practical. 

So, when you commit something that has breached the law of morality, you should be ashamed. No matter where you are, what you do is considered as morally not good. In the US they say you can do anything that they don't care no more. That is incorrect. We, looking at the Americans thinking they don't mind putting sex in public, are over generalising. If it is such a common thing, why don't we see people making out in the public? Why is it that their toilets have walls and ceilings? 

See, it's because of conscience. They know that its not a correct thing to do. It is your right but you violate the right of other people. When Bill Clinton had a scandal with Monica Lewinski, he was rejected by the Americans. Because he did an immoral act. Therefore, to me, what is wrong is still wrong. You can't say a cat is a dog just because you like the condition of a dog. A cat is a cat and a dog would still bark.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

OST Talentime. Pergi. Listen To It

Sayu terpisah
hikayat indah kini hanya tinggal sejarah
berhembus angin rindu
begitu nyamannya terhidu wangian kasihmu
hujan lebat mencurah kini
bagaikan tiada henti
kaulah laguku kau irama terindah
tak lagi kudengari
kau pergi.. pergi..
sepi tanpa kata
terdiam dan kaku tak daya kau kulupa
apa pun kata mereka
biarkan kenangan berbunga di ranting usia

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ordinary It's Not

I just finished watching Breaking And Entering. It's a Brit. Yeah. Brit's shows has the talents of cracking my skull open. You've seen that movie? If not, then watch it. Download it or wait for Star Movies to screen it. It's good you know. Really an eye-opener. Okay the thing I got from it is that Brits are full of adultery. Okay not that I say that it's good or what. Depends on how you decipher it. 

It's a story about this young architect, whose life is kinda empty. He's looking for love even though he's got one. He went from a hooker to someone whose life so tragic that she can't possibly be calm without hearing anything. You must know that he has a wife a a stepdaughter at home. At last, he can't take it anymore, so he came clean and the rest is for you to see.

What catches my attention was the architect's conscience. He has none. And oh ya, and there's a quote from the wife.

'When you're so sad to a point, you're not sad anymore'
That is true. I don't know how to describe but having your trust betrayed is so heart-breaking. When you do it, you won't feel anything but think about the people who trusted you. How would they feel? I don't want to be that guy in the story. When he did it, he never thought about the consequences laying in front of him. Turn out, his life almost wrecked but lucky him, he managed to save it. Then again, it's just a movie.

In real life, it's more than daisies and buttercups. Nothing can be solved in mere minutes. Trust is so strong, but when broken, it's almost impossible to mend it. I used to trust loads of people. That's my weakness. Well, lets just say I don't trust nobody anymore. Have yours betrayed, to learn and value deeply, the meaning of trust. This is a definition no varsity can even come close to provide it. 

Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's Been A Hard Day's Night

After what seems to be a week, the classes of my second semester ended yesterday. That's right. No more. Niet. Well, I'm relieved. The nearer I am to the end, the harder it gets. How in the world can we sleep just 8 hours for a whole week? I kept on eating and eating but no weight was gained. Well that's what my scale told me lah. Ha3 Yeah. Okay, just to recap what happenned this week.

Monday : Arrived UiTM. Finishing the final touch of QMT 216 project. ha3

Tuesday : Nadiia Dinner. Went to and fro Hotel Sri Pelangi. Bought Nasi Lemak. Damn good.

Wednesday : Tuanku The Sultan of Johor's birthday. Parents came. Start the Arabic 101 project. A whole day without rest. At night, exchange insults with someone.

Thursday : Still with Arabic 101 project. How cruel. Another day without rest. Oh ya, bought Shu Nasi Lemak. Glad she liked it. 

Friday : Again with the Arabic project. Went out to buy Awin's ticket home. Arabic test at night. Went home right after it. 

Seems simple, and yet disastrous. I'm hoping for better days ahead. Oh ya, I found new name to give to someone. Annabelle Leesa.

p/s; Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas Tuanku Sultan Iskandar Ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail. Daulat Tuanku.

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's A Ball Game

Dulu, ada orang pernah cakap dengan aku,

'Dunia ni bulat. Ada masa kita di atas, ada masa kita di bawah. Waktu di atas, jangan sesekali lupa untuk tarik orang di bawah ke atas. Dan waktu di bawah, jangan sesekali cuba untuk bawa orang di atas jatuh ke bawah. Kerjasama untuk berada di atas bersama-sama selama yang mungkin,'
Aku pegang cakap orang tu. Bila2 aku boleh, tolong je sape2. Sebab kita tak tahu, bila masa kita perlu pertolongan orang lain. 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Beggar Just Can't Choose His Meal

Gidday mate! Yeah, I just tried my dad's new cross-trainer. Cool. It was only yesterday I brought out The Rider to the family room. Damn heavy. Taking it out would already burn 173 calories off me. Sheesh. Now I got to know that my mum had ordered another workout machine. Know why? My dad watched a whole season of The Biggest Loser and now he wants to lose another 10 pounds. Now he's like, 152. I don't know la. More confidence I guess. Ha3 Oh ya, my parents are health freaks. My mum would be in constant watch of her weight and Abah pulak kalau boleh nak check-ups every week. 

Osim Chair lah, i-Gallop lah, Ogawa whatever la, pretty much a whole set now. Hope that not any of them end up in the reading room. I've already put my organ there. Ha3 anyhow, I'm talking here about expenses. In this time of life, everyone should be saving. The least you should save is 10% of your monthly income. The clouds are getting darker I see. The pain is already felt. People are getting more worried as the government covered the real story. 

Now, Abah is saying 'told you so..' He's been saving like nobody's business. Even though Ibu's spending, he'd still remind her to save. I'm following my parents' footsteps. If then I'm not aware of my expenses, today I don't spend at all. It really is hard, but I think it's worth it. Yeah we're living lavish now, but till when do I want to depend on them? So, initiative taken. He3 I won't ask anyone to join me, but everyone must know their limits. If your bowl is small, don't ask for a bucket of soup. 

To 'A', Or Not To 'A'

I would want to say this to every one who's taking exam or test this year, whether semester end examinations, the finals for Kolej Matrikulasi, PMR or even SPM. Good luck. I see various potentials from many friends of mine. But do your best, as the best will welcome better. How much I like to see you guys excel in your own fields. Put aside any other problems or barriers to your goals. Just hanging up from a call, I heard my friend cried because she can't do her accounts. Tomorrow is the test. Yeah, cruel right?




How barbaric. And she has C++ this coming Monday. I have Arabic 101 this coming Friday. Economic sucks, and Statistics has already gone down the drain. Nah, we'll get Dean's List again insyaAllah this semester.