Friday, January 14, 2011

My Long Lost Blog

Hello! Oh my God it's been a long time since I've been here. I never thought that I would open this blog again. But yeah, in the light of the recent events, I think I should have my say, even though nobody is reading. Since this is the first time I'm writing in the past, what, seven months? I think I would update on whatever my thought has been swirling around.

Firstly, these past few months, I'm happily married (eceh married pulak, kapel je..) to my Sayang. He3 there has been up and downs but I have to say that the ups overcame the downs and trust me, it has been quite heavenly. ;) he3 Being in a relationship this far again has taught me that nothing can be taken without consequences, and things will never go the way you like. Follow the flow, and you'll never drown.

Secondly, I have to say that I noticed that there has been a lot of deaths recently. I know that everyday lots of people die, but recently the deaths are coming nearer and nearer. Many of the people I know are now on their way to the other world. Probably this is because of my age, not to say that I'm old but I do know a lot of people now. And those people are, you know, old. That might explains the fact that maybe a small portion of my acquiantance are now dead.

Next, Malaysia is now going through a very interesting chapter. Everyone is now blaming the other party for whatever mishaps that happen. That is not fair. Try to look at the situation, analyse, and then start blaming. Ini tak, belum2 mahu bakar buku lah, pelan 100 hari lah. Pelik2 saje.. Oh ya, Datuk Idris keluar TV haritu. My roomate at Mekah tu. he3 tumpang glamour kejap.

Oh ya, lastly and I never wanted to talk about it actually, is that right now I'm struggling to find a company to analyse for my VIVA. I'm so busy sometimes that I have to cancel my date with my girl.. Hu3 I'm so sory Sayang.. ;) You want me to make you proud right..?

Well, that's it for now.. I think I still have the interest in writing, but flare dah takde la.. hu3 Bosan je. MUET dapat 4 je pulak tu! haih.. Till then.

At last saya update kan Sayang? he3 ;p