Sunday, March 29, 2009

You Did It Again! Oh But So Carefully.

I just went back from the movies. I think when I enter Tebrau City Jusco it was freaking hot. But when I got out, it was raining like hell! In most places, people would run around in circle screaming 'the end is near!' But we here in Johor Bahru, that kind of rain is just so normal we can even dance in it. Yeah. We know it's polluted. We just don't care. ;)

Oh ya. The movie I watched just now was Talentime. Another one by Yasmin Ahmad. Woa. When I first knew that she's going to direct yet another movie, I'm expecting a Gubra-ish kinda tale. But this motion picture was okay la. Yes, there are controversial moments but it covers only a minuscule part of the whole story. It started of with some words in Tamil. Then a sentence slowly emerge at the bottom, which says;

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious and Most Merciful.

Well I don't know. It's more like a teen love story.. Yeah and about life too. Maybe because I am at the brink of love, the movie has a few touching moments here and there. And as a human being, it touches my heart to see Kahoe embracing Hafiz during the Talentime. It shows the spirit of unity between two friends, even though they have totally different backgrounds. I don't know whether to recommend this movie or not. But I'd say I don't dislike this movie. For more info on Talentime, click here.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Rest Is Yours To Decide

Good evening y'all. I'm not going to write that long today. In front of my house, there's a few dogs hanging around. Well it's because it's been raining lately, therefore they're like taking shelter inside one of the trash can. Today I only saw one. I heard that the Pasir Gudang Authority had shot the dogs. So inhumane. I do not condone the act of killing animals. We're not allowed to touch dogs, yeah but it doesn't mean that we had to hate them. 

Friday, March 27, 2009

Little House On The Prairie

I always disturb someone? I guess. For one thing, I'm sure I'm kinda, okay maybe obnoxious to at least two to three people. It might be a few for some. But hey, what's life without haters right? Ha3 Oh ya and I'm sarcastic sometimes. Well most of the times. No reasons. I'm a jerk. That might be a good reason. ;) I'd always pick on someone, someone that matters most to me. So when I do pick on you, that means we're close. But don't glow yet, because on a few occasion I pick on someone just because I plainly hate them. 

Seems that I am a jerk. Well, I am who I am. I critic but sometimes it contradicts with my own actions. Well I still am human where mistakes do happen. It's natural you know. Oh ya, I started to write this post because I wanted to write something so I don't forget. 

I would like to die in the hands of my loved one. Be it in my old age or my early twenties. I just don't want to be alone. Isn't it lovely to spend the last of your days with someone you care, hold hands, walking in the park while observing the kids play around. Ha3 Central Park would be my choice. Or some house on the prairie. Wah.. Besh2. I love calm stuff. 

Ha, looks nice right? He3 But during my old age, boleh lah duduk sini.. Muda2 duduk sini, tak sempat tua aku bunuh diri! Ha3

A Turn-Off That's Worth It

Look at the picture above closely. You want to save it? Turn off your lights on the 28th of March at 2030 hours for an hour. Remember, it is our home. Support Earth Hour.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Two Faced Better Then One? Nah..

Someone told me once that a good debater is a the one that can adapt to surroundings, control his/her emotions, elaborate points in such a manner that anyone would be mesmerized, and someone that is hypocritical. I used to believe the last one. But yesterday I found someone who's not only good but the best (to me that is) in what he's doing, which is debating. Here is the picture of him.

He is so good in doing his job. He studies his opponents' points way before they prepared it. He is the late Syeikh Ahmad Deedat. He has debated with a lot of people, scholars and preachers alike. I like the way he speaks. Kinda annoying and yet very informative. Just like House. But Deedat believes in God lah kan. Unfortunately, sometime in 1996 he suffered a massive stroke that his body is paralyzed. He can hear and see, but not speak. Maybe it's because he already spoke a lot. 

During this period, many had come to him. Even his friend, Minister Loui Farrakhan visited him and felt his spirit. But sad as it may be, many too had come to try to bring him to other religion. Luckily he still can use his brain. And oh ya, he died on 8th of August at his home. I think it's a great loss to all Muslim. Nevertheless, the spirit to spread the message stays strong in the heart of a true believer. InsyaAllah. 

Al-Fatihah to Allahyarham Syeikh Ahmad Deedat.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Life is short,
Break the Rules.

Forgive quickly,


Love truly.

Laugh uncontrollably...

And never regret


that made you SMILE.

For Tomorrow Is A Better Day

I just went up from downstairs. I can't believe that anyone would want to watch such a horror shown on national TV. I mean, okay before I go any further I'll say the name of the show. Akademi Fantasia. Urgh. What in the world is going on? People start to analyse what's happening inside the stupid place. And then millions of precious Ringgit are wasted just to see who wins the car and trips to God knows where. Hm..

I simply don't understand. Nowadays, loads have to be done. Why don't you just watch some useful stuff like Spongebob Squarepants or even TopGear maybe. Haish.. Well it shows really that we are now bombarded by these hedonistic culture. Enjoy while we can while the world is at the end of the buffalo's horn. Ha3  But nak buat macam mana. This is what's going on.

I just hope that one day, these people would get out of this shell which they are hiding under. Of course, who am I to change the world.

The Bird and The Bees. The Spelling Ones Lah

I must say this. This week has been a hell of a time. I don't actually expect this to happen. Well, not this major la. I don't know what's the big deal actually, dragging it. But yeah, then again I'm a guy. I don't care much about stuff that concerns, well pretty much everything. But still, I would say that I am very happy that a friend of mine is doing what she thinks is best for her.

Okay, back to my home. There's like loads of dogs in front of my house lately. Yeah, because it's raining so they're like hang around in front of the gate. I'd give them food. Because good deeds come after another (betul ke ape aku cakap neh?). But I just like it. He3 Lagi2 tengok puppy tu ha. Comel nak mampus okeh. 

Oh ya, I went for spelling bee. Got 2nd place. Yeah. What's the word that I misspelled? Regurgitate. Ha3 I don't even know that word exists! But it was fun. I was thinking of flunking the 2nd say but what the heck kan. I don't even read any dictionary so I just let Tuhan do His job. Know what? My dad was like 'oh... R-E-G-U-R-G-I-T-A-T-E..' Serious lawak okeh. Anyhow, I wonder why is it called spelling bee. Well, here's the reason.

Bees are industrious little creatures, and have been used as symbols of dedication to work ('busy as a bee') since at least Chaucer's time. The image of thousands of bees in a hive tirelessly working away at their little bee-tasks (making honey, storing honey, planning to sting me) makes a good metaphor for a community or group uniting in a common task, and such unified efforts came to be known as 'bees' in Colonial America. 

'Bees' were usually a group effort for the benefit of one member who could not have handled the task (raising a barn, for instance) alone, and 'husking bees' and 'apple bees' where crops were gathered and prepared for storage were common. 

'Quilting bees,' where the women of a community gathered to create a quilt while passing on the skills to a younger generation, were also an important social institution in Early America. In an extended sense, 'bee' also came to mean any community gathering for a specific purpose, giving us 'spelling bees' in the late 1800s. 
Satisfying enough. He3 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Portrait Was Unhung, and The Man Was Hung

Today definitely is wet. And I am definitely bored. Whooish. I wish to say something. One of the war figure that I admire is Adolf Hitler. The Fuhrer was greatly misunderstood by the world population. Well, I don't know why but I like to do research on this guy.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Of Money And Dignity

Hello. What have everyone been doing today? I guess they're out and about trying to look for something to entertain them. I dont know what to do actually. I was supposed to meet someone but then again I am soooooo not in the mood. Here, I was searching for some materials for this project and I saw a headline. Apparently the UMNO Youth chief for the Feds have been charged with bribery. How much? All of them amounting to less than RM4000. Yeah. Banyak giler.. Blurgh!

Bodoh. Benda kecik macam tu pun tak reti nak simpan. Haish. I am against money politics and I am against bribery. But IF you have to do it, do it quietly la.. We've heard of a lot of serious allegations on many politicians that mingle with money politics, but allegations stays allegations. Nobody can give full evidence. If somebody can, we'll see our prison's full of politicians, BN's and PR's alike. And these allegations involved a whole smack of Ringgit! Not just RM1500.. 

That is why our system sucks. Everyone can be bought. Nothing is clean. Whatever you want to do, money up front. If not, nothing will progress. Somehow someday this will collapse. Because everyone is so damn greedy. In this time and day, many are eager to rise from the economic storm. Anything would suffice. Well, this is stupid. Everything had to be earned. Nothing is free. 

The conclusion for today's post is, I don't agree with Ustaz Syazali's way of making money. And he's such a show-off. 

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Language of The Damned

With full respect to everyone, I do not agree with the demonstration done by those who call themselves the anti-PPSMI. Why do these things happen during this moment? When the world is having a major economic catastrophe. When our political climate is very uncertain. When racial issues are at it's peak. This is totally embarrassing. It depicts our mentality, our dignity. Those who I saw demonstrating were the people who I assume does not want to speak English. They do not want to even try to speak English. What do they expect if they want to succeed globally?

If I remember correctly, our Prophet Muhammad had once said that we need to keep looking for knowledge, let it be in China. At that time he was talking to the Arabs. Do Chinese speak Arabic at that time? I don't think so. That means the Arabs need to learn the language spoken by the Chinese. Foreign language, no? These are the words spoken by Allah's messenger. Do you want to deny that? 

Yes, I do agree that knowledge can be obtained by using any language. But to do that, we need to transalate them from the language of origin! To do that, we still need to understand that language! In this case, English is the most powerful language, that holds more than 75% of knowledge in the world! Happens that it is transalated by a guy who doesn't really understand English, don't you think that the information could be miscarried in some way?

To me, PPSMI should go on. Why do we want to stop a good policy? It's not that we're doomed to go to hell if we learn anything in English. Think. Oh yea, I am against women who smoke. Call me traditionalist, but it's against my belief. But worry not, I won't stop my friends. They are who they are.