Sunday, November 15, 2009

No Title I Guess

Good morning. Ah yes, it is morning. 2.40 in the morning to be exact. He3 In how many hours I'll be heading to Banting and that's it I guess. On the 17th, I'm off to Jeddah. Actually, I have nothing to say. These past few days has been very good for me. For the first time in almost two years, I'm very happy. Thank you to awak! He3 Awak jangan nakal2 okeh.. I'll be back on my birthday, so do wait for my arrival. He3 Alor, bukan jauh sangat oun nak pergi.. But of all my trips, this has been the most emotional one.

To my friends who are going to sit for their SPM this year, my wish of luck to all of you. Dear friends, you're going through the most important papers of your life. Do your best, and my prayers are with you always. To Ili Haya who's going to be here in Malaysia middle of December, wait for me, we'll meet okay before you go back to the States. To Lee Hong and Shawn Tan, I'm sorry if we don't have the chance to meet before you're going to Aussie, but know this. You're the coolest a guy can have. ;)

Thanks to all well wishers. God bless you all.

Untuk awak, jaga diri elok2. Jangan merempit okeh. Ha3 tengokkan result saya. ;D


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cardcaptorng said...

eiei..bro...emotional betul...

i still hope we have a chance to meet.i'll be leaving on the mid of january next year.

It is okay if we can't meet!!You are also the coolest one.Stay in touch okay???

Anonymous said...

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